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At last! At last! Marisa and I reunited at LAST! It was nearly three years in the making – but it finally happened and while it was absolutely amazing to be reunited again – it was WAY too short (all and all it was only about 24 hours!) :(.

In true Me & Marisa fashion though, it was a weekend filled with awesome food, shopping and of course… picking up right where we left off with one of my favorite people in the world!

Enjoy the photos – hopefully they give some idea of just how much fun we had together!

P.S. Many, many trips have been planned as a result of this one, so it will certainly not be another 2 1/2 years before we are together again!

-Andrew J.

Marisa styling it up at the airport – as soon as I saw her turn the corner at baggage claim, I had the BIGGEST uncontrollable smile on my face I’ve had in ages!  She looks so east coast though, we need to get this girl back to the SOUTH!

We were both STARVING when I picked her up, so of course the very first order of business – Campisi’s on Mockingbird for some comida.

Right after lunch it was time to kick the shopping into high gear! Marisa is involved in a new vintage store that is launching in Virginia so we hit up Curiosities Antique & Vintage to see if we could find anything fun. We sort of struck out on any purchases, but we had fun checking out everything the store had to offer.

Mildly freaky…

Feeling a little bummed out that we spent our first hour and a half without purchasing anything other than food, we hit up the one place we knew we could find something… NORTHPARK!  Even then, shopping was sort of a struggle for us, things just weren’t popping out as “gotta have’s”. Never the less, I got a great shirt for dinner that night and Marisa purchased a beautiful dress (photos of that a little further down in the post).

After shopping for a couple hours – we figured it was time to check into the W Dallas where we would be calling home for the next 24 hours.  The W was awesome! Great room – though it was weird that the bathroom was completely open aside from a curtain that separated the “bathroom” space of the room from the rest of the room – and I would definitely go back and stay there again!

Our first “Reunited” picture!

I really want that rolling chair for my new office!

What’s that? A model included in with the room?! Oh – it’s Marisa. Guess she just looks very at home there 🙂

Check out the awesome curtain behind me… yep, that’s the room divider!

We booked a reservation for Tom Colicchio‘s restaurant CRAFT thinking it would be pretty close to our hotel – but come to find out, it was actually IN our hotel. So add on the fact that the only places we went after dinner were Ghost Bar (BIG mistake) and the W Bar in the hotel lobby/lounge – from 6:30 pm until noon the next morning, we never once left the W lol.

Awesome light bars in CRAFT

Warning: The portions at CRAFT are absolutely humongous but incredibly delicious – bring your appetite people, I highly recommend the restaurant though! Tom definitely knows what he is doing.

Enjoying a bevvie before dinner.

We clean up okay 🙂  – and yes, that’s Marisa’s new dress. Verrry pretty, picture doesn’t even do it justice.

I really really loved the Lobby Bar Chandeliers at the W!

Ready to turn in for the night – back to the room!

I know I said I wouldn’t post it – but it’s really just too friggin cute of you not to post, if you want I can take it down ;). Marisa got hungry in the middle of the night and tackled some of the leftovers from dinner and lunch before lights out.

The next morning we both realized we … had not consumed enough water the night before… and I woke up to random pieces of Campisi’s pizza crust and a muffin CRAFT gave us for the next morning like so…

The morning after.

After we got up and around – we checked out of the W and headed to Knox-Henderson for some brunch at Tolouse. Fantastic brunch by the way (also highly recommend)!

Bloody Marry’s, Bagels, Beignets (with cappuccino sauce), and Belgian waffles (we were on a B kick apparently) made for the perfect Brunch!

After brunch – to postpone our inevitable departure, we kicked it over to Restoration Hardware and picked out my new dream furniture for my house.

Alas though – all good things must come to an end (yes, like this epic blog post). I dropped Marisa north of Dallas at her friends house and began my trek back to Norman. A very sad day, but SO glad it happened! Already cannot wait to see her again!

See you soon my friend – love you and miss you!



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This weekend I went down to Dallas to see Marisa for the first time since I left for the summer. It was SO good to see her, and I’ve decided I can’t go that long again, it’s just not right. Her mom was in town this weekend as well so I got to finally meet her. WONDERFUL woman and so much fun. But backtracking for just a moment, I got down to Dallas on Friday and headed to my friend’s house in Plano, we ventured out to grab dinner in hurricane like winds and rain. It was crazy! The electricity at the restaurant kept flickering on and off quite a bit and I was drenched from head to toe in the time it took me to run from my car to the front door… I mean drenched. Later that night, we went down town to where some of his friends were at this great apartment in Cirque next to Vickery Park and the W. It was a gorgeous apartment with amazing views. Tons of fun.

Saturday once I finally woke up, I headed into Northpark to begin the day by doing brunch at La Duni with Marisa and her Mom. Delicious French Toast, food porn below. After quite a bit of coffee we decided it was time to start shopping and headed north to Grapevine to check out Last Call and Off 5th. We got a little lost (which sorta ended up being a theme for the day lol), so the trip ended up taking longer than expect. When we got there though Marisa found some great stuff (Note to Marisa: Please post pics of your loot), I wasn’t so lucky as their men’s section went from super refined to studded t-shirts with absolutely no medium. I did end up getting a cool Krush shirt, Rock & Republic jeans (of course), and YSL sunglasses (of course). I’ll post my loot pics tomorrow.

After Grapevine, we headed up to Flowermound. They day was already getting late so we decided it was time for more food and went to this Chinese place called East Sea or something like that. With the three of us combined there was no limit to the conversation we had. I absolutely loved it. After dinner, we dropped Marisa’s mom off at one of their family friend’s house to get ready for a party and Marisa and I headed back to Dallas. Sadly, we had to part ways there because she had a paper to write and I had to get back to Plano for a birthday party. The weekend was short for sure, but I was so happy to get my Marisa fix. Here are the pics I got, I know Marisa has a couple too. Enjoy and hope you had a great one!
-Andrew J.

They aren’t by chance mother and daughter are they?
IMGP1808IMGP1810Marisa’s mom’s answer to finding a blackberry with iPhone capabilities lol
IMGP1811See, butter brioche french toast… heaven.
IMGP1812IMGP1813IMGP1816Check the boots. PS, that chair was quite comfy, but I didn’t like the name “Poodle Chair”
IMGP1817IMGP1818I liked her new purse


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Sorry for being M.I.A. for the past couple of days. Luckily it looks like Marisa has been putting up some great posts!  So here is a vrief catch-up of what has been going on. Marisa and I went to an event at the W Hotel the other night for an art gallery event. It was awesome and the artists were amazing. Primarily photography so of course it gave me and Marisa many ideas. One of the artists that I loved, but didn’t get any pictures of his work was Andrew Hefter. Highly recommend checking out his work.

I’m so upset about this photo! It was a great shot and then I tried rotating it before transfering it to my computer and it messed up.
Our movie star shot- Fingers crossed this ends up in Dallas Luxury
Jodi Wolff
she was my favorite, I actully bid on this photo with the birds
I believe this is Ted Forbes
Kathleen Wilke
  did a whole series of pool shots- beautiful
I love this photo I took of Marisa the lighting outside was so great
Marisa’s new Tory Burch boots
See, gorgeous lighting
Later that evening we went to Cru and enjoyed some wine and a delicious salad

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