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So okay I did a pretty bad job of updating during those extremely busy weeks lol. But HERE I AM!

I’ll start as close to the beginning as possible — I’m skipping my mom’s birthday weekend in Branson just because I really don’t have any pics from that trip that I took. My sister and mom have a lot, but the likelihood that I’ll ever see them is… well… slim.

So! That said, moving right along to what happened right after we came back from that trip – Back in May I bought tickets for my Dad’s birthday to go to Carlos Santana at the BOK Center in Tulsa. I had honestly all but forgotten about them until like a month before — probably why I never go to many concerts, I never have the foresight or knowledge about them before everyone is already talking about them coming to town, and all of the tickets are at that point gone.

So any who, we made it a family affair and all went and had a great night of music and a whole lot of… for lack of a better word… seat shimmying.

Michael Franti was his opening act and while I really enjoyed him, it wasn’t until his final song that I realized he was the guy who did the “Say Hey” song lol.

Santana himself was amazing! I got a few videos on my phone, which I will post… someday, and then took a ton of pics on my iPhone as well — only as for usual, all concert pictures come out looking exactly the same lol. In any case, some are posted below.  The concert ran just shy of 4 hours, and after a few “jam sessions” encroaching on 11:00 pm I was feeling my inner old-timer come out and was ready to jet. All in all though, great concert!

Up next: Chicago! and after that, NASHVILLE! So stay tuned and I’ll do my darndest to keep the blogs a little closer to each other — I saw our blog traffic dip below 100 hits/day for the first time since we started basically… not cool… gotta increase the postings :)!

-Andrew J

The Jones Kids trying to style up the concert going experience a little. Funny story though – notice the brown cords I’m wearing? Well I had planned to wear some new jeans to this concert… but of course I forgot to pack them. In fact I forgot to pack anything OTHER than shorts — luckily my Dad had just gone through his closet to give me some pants to see if I wanted them. Basically I’ve now ended up with probably 8-10 pairs of AWESOME vintage pants that happen to all reflect trends going on this year!
Michael Franti kept interacting with the audience a LOT – it was awesome, he even pulled a few people out of their chairs and had them come dance down on the floor with him. Great energy!

Okay so I’m a little proud of these two pics of Carlos Santana onstage… especially considering I was using my iPhone 3GS camera zoom lol.
This guy did the vocals for almost all of his songs, and he was REALLY, REALLY GOOD!



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I know, I know, I promisted more posts and here I am going the entire week without one. Well I’ve been a bad photographer and I’ve been leaving my camera at home. So this week in pictures is going to be brought to you by my iPhone. This week I’ve been coaching tennis with 6-8 year olds, going to Tulsa for a day to research real estate purchases, playing put-put, celebrating Father’s Day (Yes I know it’s two weeks early) and eating really yummy turkey burgers. Hope you are having a good week too!!!
-Andrew J

At the Blue Dome Cafe Tulsa

Turkey Burger Blue Moon Cafe

My tennis kids!

Joy with her little pirate knife. We were out of full size ones when I sat the table so I figured she should be special haha.

My hand-drawn Father’s Day card. My dad used to keep all of my drawings for him, so I figured it was time to do a blast from the past 🙂


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A very happy birthday to both my dad and my sister! They celebrated their 59th and 25th birthday’s over the past couple days on the 16th and 17th. We celebrated as a family over the weekend by meeting up at my sister’s house in Tulsa for a lunch time cookout and celebration. We grilled steaks and mushrooms and it was an absolute feast! Also, it gave me a chance to check out some recent decorating my sister had done to her house, and I have to say… I’m really quite impressed. It looked wonderful! I really should let the pictures do the talking, but hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!
-Andrew J

I’d say she was a good girl.
It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a rat! NOOOOO it’s GIDGET!!!
I mean, come on. Tell me you don’t want to sit on her porch and have a glass of tea!
My mamma looking cute as ever and oh so stylish in her new top.
Yummmmm… it tasted even better than it looked!
The dog of my sister’s boyfriend… Duke. Or as I call him… Dukus. He’s large and in-charge!
Cake number one, German Chocolate for my dad.
And the second cake for mi hermana. Let it not be said that the Jones’s don’t do it up right!
I believe in a man’s right to choose. But when it comes to vanilla or German chocolate… I refuse to live in an “either/or” world!
Someone had a little too much cake…
She got this cute green rain jacket and floral dress and I had the idea to pair the two together. So I raided her closet, grabbed a gold coin necklace and some bomb shoes and styled her a little outfit there on the spot. She liked.
Props to her man for finding her a really unique gift. He found a local jewelry designer who makes her jewelry out of antique rosary’s. This one came from England and Czechslovakia (… yes before it was the Czech Republic)
The last gift was one my mother purchased right under her nose in Mexico and hid from her up until now. It’s from a wonderful jewelry designer in Puerto Vallarta named Cassandra Shaw.

I love Oklahoma in the spring because there are TONS of storms (I’m sure, if you’ve been watching the news, no matter what part of the country you are in you’ve heard about our recent tornado’s), but another perk of the storms… amazing sunsets!


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I’m BACK from Los Angeles… and to be honest, I’m extremely sad about that fact. I don’t think I’ve ever brought it up on the blog before, but I used to live in LA right after high school. I missed the city after I left, but I don’t think I really realized just how much I missed it until this weekend. I’m having to break this up into two parts becuase I took a fair amount of pictures (especially for Part 2, when I actually got out in LA). But on to the break down;

Thursday I left Tulsa around 1:50, got into Houston, hour layover, and then on to LAX. When I arrived, the sun had just gone down, and somehow the photographer I was going with had gotten on a different plane that wouldn’t arrive till 4 hours later. So I called up my very best friend on the West Coast, Diana, and headed over to her new house in the Marina del Ray for drinks and dinner with her and her friend Lisa (aka Patron haha). Stayed there till about 10 and then, because Diana didn’t trust the taxi’s, she called her driver Sam to come get me to take me back to my hotel which was kinda cool.

Friday we got up and left to go to Riverside for the shoot because that’s where the other photographer and the locations were. We shot for seriously like 11 hours (okay that may have included drive time, but it was a while) and we got some AMAZING shots out of them. I have only seen a sneek peak of three of the photos, which are posted below, but I did see some of the unedited photos and they are incredible! After the shoot we went and had a great authentic Mexican meal complete with Ochata and everything. Then we headed back to LA and just chilled at the hotel for the rest of the night… and got a milkshake… but yeah. Hope you had a great weekend! Part 2 will be up tomorrow. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Flying into Los AngelesDiana and Lisa (Patron)KOKI!!!!
Those who can’t eat must resort to Monster for energy haha.
I wanted to steal his boots
Lots more to come!!!


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This weekend I went up to Tulsa and spent some time with my Mom and sister, my dad is still in Mexico. Went and saw a couple movies; Shutter Island and Wolfman… I definitely recommend Shutter Island, Wolfman… not so much. I also spent some time at The Mayo Hotel downtown which is absolutely gorgeous! I know I’ve posted pics here before, but I still took quite a few haha. Oh! Also got some new clothing items in, a military-esque shirt from Scotch & Soda and a really nice, warm sweater from Tim Hamilton. Didn’t get any shots of the sweater, but I’ll post that soon. I’m off to go work out, sorry it took so long to get this post up. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!
-Andrew J

The lion necklace is my new favorite thing!
At time it reminded me of the Titanic, but in a good way haha.
Mmmmmm grapefruit juice mimosa’s


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Tuesday evening I went up to Tulsa to stay with my sister and go to this conference thing for my business that was being held. The conference went really well and I met a lot of great people. But just a quickie post here on wardrobe for the day. We were all about the shoes haha. Also, got my new RoganFaith Failure” shirt in, love it, can’t wait to wear it!
-Andrew J


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I am having to live slightly vicariously on this post as, unfortunately, I was not the one who attended the fabulous New Years party at The Mayo in Tulsa… it was my sister :(. But she insisted that it was incredible and that I MUST do a post over it. Seeing the pictures, I am inclined to agree with her, and I’m extremely jealous that I was not in attendance at this party. Anywho, at my parent’s house tonight for my celebratory graduation dinner (oh yeah I forgot to mention I graduated from college in December ha). Hope your week is off to a great start!
-Andrew J

Check my sister’s shoes, you know you love em… Guess who found them for her ;). Yup, I’m a good brother lol.

Very jealous…

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