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This weekend made it back down to Dallas and started doing some apartment shopping. Ended up finding a GREAT place called The Marquis at Waterview it’s gorgeous and totally my style. Ended up putting my application in on it today so here’s hoping all goes well. If so, I’ll be calling Texas home come the first weekend of January! I’m soooo excited, I’ve really missed living there… not that Norman isn’t great and all, but it’s just no Dallas. After apartment shopping was finished ended up doing some actual shopping. Hit up my long lost friend, Northpark, and found some great stuff! Hope your weekend went well! It was a really crazy day today and I’m just glad it’s behind me. Looking forward to some R&R with the family this week for Thanksgiving.
-Andrew J.

Oh yeah, on the way to go apartment shopping- stumbled across an estate sale, had some great stuff, but I really loved these masks sitting outside
The entry area at my new home
If anyone wants to get me this Armani Exchange sweater I’d be very appreciative :). I like it a lot!
Store orgasm; the new Louis Vuitton store is finally open!
Shoe orgasm; The Diesel Moonwalk Boots… It took a lot of will power to not get these… I loved them so much :'(.
Car orgasm… whew I’m exhausted.


You Will Love…

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Some music to get you through your weekend… 
Picture 2

Explosions in the Sky


Instrumental post rock formed in  Austin Texas  (but they cant be yuppies since most of them are from Midland) Seriously, so amazing to study or drive to.  You will not want lyrics, trust me. 




good songs:

Your Hand in Mine and Time Stops


Manchester Orchestra 


Indie Band birthed from Atlanta Georgia.   Awesome music led by lead singer Andy Hull—who, just like me, hated the hell out of public high school and finished his senior year at home.



You have probably heard some of their music on Gossip Girl and One Tree Hill.



good songs:

I Can Feel A Hot One, and Shake it Out

I am headed to a concert at Trees in Dallas this weekend. A band called Shorelines End is playing.  I listened to some of their music and it sounds like it is going to be a fantastic show. Looking forward to it 🙂 

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! 




I love abandoned gas stations.

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I am finally back on Central Time. The jet lag of Dallas to DC to Ireland back to DC back to Dallas have worn off after a few night of sleeping by 9pm waking up at 9am.  🙂 loved it.


I am passing the next couple of weeks before I head back into the city at best friends.  Stephenville is definitely a one horse town. Thank God for the Starbucks down the road. 

Went and saw District 9.. directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson…My friend Abdul recommended it.  Figures it would be totally gory and alien obsessed. Its a friendship story between Aliens and Humans.  Sad ending. If you have a weak stomach don’t see it.  If you like Gears of War- you will LOVE it. It reminds me of a cross between Schindler’s List and Wall-e. 

Picture 1

Since i have been spoiled using my moms Canon Rebel this past month, I am back to my little point and shoot.. but no matter– alex and I had some fun at this abandoned gas station and at the Stephenville park…. 












 my best friend is gorgeous. 

we got some great shots with the morning sun..

pretty much the only glamourous thing you can do in stephenville is dress up and let the cowboys oogle you 😉

i don’t mind. 

more later.




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 The concept that people in Texas may not actually dress for “fall” depresses me a little.

 Moving from Virginia I have mountains of autumn clothing… I am so excited to go home and get them all… and then after work I get into my car which is 126 degress at 6 pm  and all those glorious thoughts of cashmere and leather jackets disappear.  

But a girl can dream…. 

3.1 Phillip Lim Autumn/Winter 2009 

q 2009

William Rast Autumn/Winter 2009 

William Rast

Tory Burch Autumn/Winter 2009 

TB aw

W 2009

w 2009 1

RVCA Autumn/Winter 2009 Look Book 

(feat. Rumi from Fashion Toast) 


RVCA-FA09-WMNS-LOOKBOOK.inddRVCA-FA09-WMNS-LOOKBOOK.inddG-Star Autumn/Winter 2009 

(one guys look that I ❤ hardcore. that jacket. delicious.)





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Well.. I don’t want to steal thunder from Andrew’s Vegas trip-pola but I had a decent weekend as well. 

This sums me up right now: 


Thursday night I went to Fearing’s at the Ritz Carlton.  My friend and I had ironically been talking about how I, being such a foodie, needed to go there– Law of Attraction my dad was having a client dinner and invited me along! 

Picture 6

Picture 4



It was right after dinner at Toulouse so I was full.. but I saved some room for drinks and dessert. of course. Somehow lost the photos. but dont worry. ill deff. be back. soon. 


Friday night Erika, Lauren and I went to the House Of Blues.  We went to see the Journey tribute band, The Frontiers.  We ended up hearing two of the Journey songs (both we didn’t know) but we got to listen to the opening band who was pretty damn good.  


We arrived around 8:30 and chilled in the Foundation Room until around 10 when the show started.  We ordered fun drinks that arrived with a Texas size tab, but it was worth it 🙂 


Headed down to the main concert hall where we were escorted into the foundation member “sitting area” aka the most awkward section in the middle of the floor where we could sit on sofas.  We opted to do the real experience and pulled our way to the front of the stage.  

Picture 12

Afterwards we met up Laura, Ellen and couple of her friends and ended the night at Uptown Bar and Grill.  Erika, Laura and I babied out and headed home around midnight. 

Picture 14

Saturday night I drove into Stephenville to visit my best friend Alex. Little did I know the trouble that honkey tonk bars bring. 

Picture 11

We headed to City Limits. Needless to say I two-stepped, half-stepped, and Cupid Shuffled my way back to Alex’s around 2:30 or 3:00.  


I learned a few things in Stephenville: 

1) “Chicken Fry”  verb: to deep fry food in very high fat batter and oil. Does not necessarily involve chicken. eg. “chicken-fried green beans” “chicken-fried steak”

Picture 15

2) “Pitting” verb: to sweat from your arm pits and have stains on your shirt. eg. “Your wet swim suit makes it looks like you are pitting.” 

3) “Vegas Bomb” noun: Bad News Bears. eg. “Get us another round of Vegas Bombs!”

Picture 7

4) “Texas Country” noun: Texas country blends these sub-genres by featuring straight-forward, truthful lyrics, a “take it or leave it” approach, a “common working man” theme, comical, witty undertones, intense lives performances, and loyal fan-bases. These often combine with stripped down music, increasing the intimate connection between a singer and audience. antonym: see Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift 


Picture 13

Sunday morning our crew met up and tubed on the Brazos River.  That’s all I can say about that. 

Great Weekend.  I hope to keep it a touch classier this weekend.

Starting with Purgatory on Thursday.



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