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So obviously Band of Outsiders was an amazing show- however, part of what made it so amazing were the people attending. Amazing style galore that night from waiting outside to get in, to of course the attendees inside. Here are some pics from Band of Outsiders- Looking in. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

I don’t know who this girl is, but I’m in love with her. She epitomized so many “now” trends it’s absurd! Not to mention the fact that I think she’s beautiful.
Metallic skirts were bit
Loved this pic
Photo bloggers at work.
When I saw that red mane walk by me, my heart basically stopped. Grace Coddington – Creative Director of Vogue
The crowd inside.
Scott Schuman of The Sartoralist
She didn’t even know this was being taken, and look at the amazing pose!
Model Matthew Hitt and Tavi
Model Nick H and Scott Sternberg
Brad Goreski and me :)!
Miles Garber and his mother who is the sweetest woman alive!
Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle Magazine
Seth Plattner from The City
Man of the hour- Band of Outsiders designer, Scott Sternberg
I got this pic because I love what Tavi’s friend was wearing. And yet no one was taking her picture :(.

Model Remington Guest, caught him on the way down and honestly didn’t recognize him out of show clothes.  Just spoke briefly but seems like a really nice guy- amazing hair too!



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So while I was putting together the 1-year anniversary post for Me & Marisa, I stumbled on an old post Marisa and I did over a fashion line we found last summer; Reiss. We were both immediately blown away by their ultra-chic look and instantly aspired to be dressed head to toe in nothing BUT Reiss every day. Sadly, they only had stores in Europe at the time and didn’t ship across the pond.

This year, I’m glad to announce, THEY ARE IN THE USA!!! Check out their site if you like what you see here. Though this year’s lookbook doesn’t have quite the sophisticated polish of last year (Okay, it looks a little more like a stylist from Urban Outfitters put it together…) the clothes are still wonderful. Enjoy guys and gals and have a great weekend!
-Andrew J

Definitely two of my favorite looks!

I really hate that girls can just put on an awesome dress and be done.. and look awesome. Blah… … … Okay so maybe shoes, hair and makeup are involved as well, BUT you get my point.
Tell me this isn’t an amazing piece. I dare you. Both of them for that matter! This is black lace done very right.

I think I like this look because of my friend Nicolas. His style has influenced me… grrrr.

Boots… want them… ahora…
I could seriously wear this look every day and be perfectly happy.
See what I mean. Amazing right? Whoever thier designer is, is massively under-appreciated!


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The people of Zacatecas REALLY surprised me with their sense of style. We arrived here on Saturday evening, so needless to say everyone was dressed to the nines and ready for their evening. While I didn’t get any pictures that night (I was shy, and lighting was bad for street style) I did get some photos on Sunday. Though I didn’t see as many of the younger girls out and about and dressed up because they were probably still recovering from the night before ha. Here are some of my shots of the people of Zacatecas, as you’ll see the dress in the city ranges from very modern and urban, to extremely traditional and cowboy-esque. Enjoy! Woke up in my own bed in Puerto Vallarta today to the waves crashing and the sun beaming into my room, how can you not smile first thing in the morning when you wake up to that?! I may never leave…
-Andrew J
This young dad was my favorite guy who I got a picture of. Everything about him is style.

It just so happened that I had a blonde, brunette and redhead in this shot ha. Also! The style of tucking your jeans into boots has DEFINITELY hit Zacatecas as I hardly saw a girl who did not sport the trend. Although… They were a little more edgy about it than most of the girls I’ve seen on the streets in America. Here they wear skin tight jeans (possibly jeggins), and boots that go well up onto their thighs. I dug.

I loved this couple! They seemed to me like they should be writers, or explorers or something.

These girls were maybe the least dressed up of any that I saw… but I loved the picture of them carrying the crosses.

These two guys were some of the most “edgy” I saw on the men’s side.
I’m going to be doing another post from when I just sat and took street style pics which are, for the most part, strictly fashion versus more personality shots. Just wanted to give a little dose of both :). Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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