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First off, I’m doing this post while watching the Isner v Mahut Wimbledon match and can I just say… EPIC!  On to the post.
Sunday my Mom was driving to my house from Shawnee when she stumbled on a place she hasn’t been since she was a little girl. She called me and told me to be ready to walk out the door by the time she drove up. I knew from the sound of her voice it was going to be good. So, off we went to do a little local Oklahoma sightseeing! The location was a famous architectural landmark called The Bavinger House and needless to say, it was amazing! It was designed by Bruce Goff and built by two artists, a painter and a sculptor. The house is truly what an artist’s imagination come to life looks like and if you ever get the chance to visit, it will be the best $10 you’ve ever spent! Also, I love that it is maintained by the family. The grandson sells tickets and the son gives the tours. They still live on the property, though not in the house. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

The house is supported by these cables and is built around a single pole in the center of the house.The grandson
Oh! Also, the grounds surrounding are filled with bamboo which was started from 4 different kinds in 1982 and it just really took off. I felt like I was in Asia it was so dense!
This is where I said they kept bad children haha. It was a door into a rock.
We dubbed this bridge the Bridge to Terabithia. And come to find out is part of what keeps the house standing.These statues in the bamboo forest are called The Carolers

The house is impossible to describe! But when you first enter… the living room is floating above the ground and the majority of the rooms in the house are suspendedin the air. It was incredible!
All constructed from rock mined on the site.
This is a view I want from my house.
The glass rock is placed throughout the house and when the sun comes through, they act like lamps.
Yup, that’s a pond in the middle of the house.
The circular structures are closets
Good place to take pictures. And the dining room table rotates like a Lazy Susan
There is the post the house is built around
She was the sculptor, and he the painter. Both of their work is everywhere in the house.

Gorgeous front door

This was their son/our tour guide.
Ending on possibly my best picture of my mother ever. No editing. It was just perfect. So Zen



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It was a good weekend, a great weekend actually! Sorry for the delay on the recap thus far, but Monday’s do seem to be my busiest days of the week. Starting the weekend as of Thursday (because let’s face it, that’s when it does tend to start). Lunch with Marion and Whitney at La Baguette (a tradition of sorts). That night I went to go see Date Night which was absolutely hilarious! I had heard mixed reviews, but I do recommend you going to see it if you are in the mood for a good laugh from two comedic genius’s. Friday I met up with my friend Ali Horn around noon for coffee and a nice walk around campus. It was the first time I had been back on campus since graduation. A lot has changed already but it still felt basically the same.

Friday night, I hung out with Diedrick at his house. Just had a low-key night of making margaritas and Mario Kart (we won’t talk about how I did on that game… I blame drinking and “driving”). Really fun, and somehow ended up staying until like two ha.

Saturday I was a lazy bum. Slept until 10:30, THEN took a three hour nap later in the afternoon ha. But had to clean house and prep for BBQ #2. Everyone came over around 7:00-7:30 (didn’t really get pics because I thought it might be redundant from last weekend ha) and it was another just really great time with friends. We ended up watching “Up” which was the first time for me. I absolutely LOVED it and will be purchasing it soon haha.

Sunday, went to Shawnee for my Grandpa’s 79th birthday and spent the day with the family. Zero complaints about the whole weekend and I don’t think I would have changed a single thing :). Hope you had a great one too!

-Andrew J

I looked like CRAP but oh well ha.
She just looked great from head to toe!

I just had to share how ridiculous this was…


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I dreamt of a White Christmas and sure enough I got one! Tuesday night before the big day I went up to Claremore and had a “family Christmas” with my Mom, Dad and Sister before we made the trek down on Wednesday for the actual day. We do this to avoid having to haul all of our presents down to my grandpa’s house in Shawnee because, quite frankly, they wouldn’t fit :/… So Wednesday was the day the big blizzard hit and I have to say driving a drive that should take 2 hours and took closer to 4 in near white out conditions can be a little intense at times. I got some great pictures of the snow, however becuase I don’t want to make this post a novel, I’ll post those pics in a seperate one. Christmas day was amazing! and I know I’m like 6 days behind, but I DID get stranded in Shawnee. I don’t have any pictures from Christmas morning (not that I would post them since we literally do it when we first wake up lol), so a few from family Christmas will have to do. All I can say is I think I made out like a bandit :)! Hope you had an AMAZING Christmas, and Happy New Years Eve everyone!!!
-Andrew J

Yes, she bakes.
Dresses on the dogs was NOT my idea… the brown one (Copper) got revenge by peeing in the floor right next to us until we took it off of her. Clever girl.
Lol this was too funny, I was with my mom in the store and we saw the old Yule Log DVD’s, so she got one for both me and my sister.
You don’t understand, I suck at wraping presents and this was maybe my best one ever!
Okay, adorable.

We got each other some clothes, great minds lol.

My dad got me this great Huichole bracelet from Puerto Vallarta, MX
Shoes :)! I got a great brown pointy dress pair on Christmas day that I’ll have to photograph and post as well!
A little something picked up and saved for my sister from my time in Dallas
Lol, okay, so I never had Where The Wild Things Are growing up, so… so I wouldn’t feel deprived, she got it for me ha.
Changing of the guard, goodbye Blackberry, I will miss you.

These boots saved my butt! Thank you John Varvatos!!! I’m pretty sure I wore them every single day during the snow.X-Mas tree in Shawnee
And… my sister getting creative… she had boots in the car, it’s beyond me why she chose to put on flats…

I love dressing for cold weather 🙂


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Wednesday I went to Shawnee to meet up with my mom, dad, aunt Lenore and sister to begin celebrating Thanksgiving. In typical Jones family style however… they were about an hour and 1/2 late. So I parked myself at a nearby lake and caught up on my magazines, read a little school work and took some photographs. I ended up getting on a kick while I was there of noticing lines everywhere. So that’s why there are so many line pictures ha. Also, made friends with this homeless dog. It spotted me from across the road and I ended up feeding it one of my butter croissants I had with me. We were best buds after that. Made it to Shawnee and went to eat at the, ever southern, Delta Cafe. After that we went back to my grandpa’s house and played some cards… My mom ended up pouring a glass of water on my sister after she was annoying her for a while, which resulted in a full scale water fight… My sister lost (see picture below ha). I’ll post more on the festivities, but right now I’m working on my parent’s limited internet signal… god I miss high speed! Hope you had a great holiday!!!
-Andrew J


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So I figure it’s about time I FINALLY post these pictures from New Moon on Thursday/Friday at midnight. Yes, I went to the first showing… I know, I know… it’s a sickness. But it was totally worth it and I saw it again on Friday in Dallas it was so good! Several of my friends went to the movie, but I almost ended up in a theater by myself becuase I didn’t buy my ticket with any of them… however through some clever maneuvering and shady ticket switching I made it into the theater that Marion and Dominique were in! On a Thanksgiving note, tomorrow (or today depending on when you’re reading this- Wednesday) I’m heading to Shawnee to meet up with my mom, dad and sister at my grandpa’s house. All of my mom’s side of the family is there and they always throw a huge to-do for Thanksgiving. After that, we’ll be caravanning up to Tulsa, or more correctly, Claremore, to decorate my parent’s house for Christmas. It’s a tradition we have to always do the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ll post over the weekend, but that’s the 411 :). Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the New Moon pictures!
-Andrew J.

The line was crazy, this was not even half and it was wrapped around the building.


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This weekend was INCREDIBLY low-key. On Friday my Mom, my great Aunt and great Uncle all came into town to visit for my great Aunt’s birthday. We went and had lunch at a great local Mexican restaurant and she and I took off to Shawnee to spend time with my grandpa. It’s so relaxing at his house it’s hard to explain.

Saturday my Mom drove me back into Norman (since we took her car), and I really just spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and doing things around the house like cleaning and mowing the lawn. Loads of fun no?  Well this week I’m planning to do a fashion week recap in several pieces so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here are a couple pics from the weekend. Hope you had a great one!
-Andrew J

IMGP1915IMGP1916IMGP1905That leopard shirt is one of the things I got for my mom for her birthday. Glad to see she likes it!
IMGP1906IMGP1907IMGP1908IMGP1909IMGP1911IMGP1922My grandpa has this wild pet Rooster who has taken to him lol.
IMGP1933Why did the chicken cross the road? Because my grandpa was standing on the other side… duh.Skip Branscum

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