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 This weekend I’m headed to Dallas for the Chelsea Handler show… so of course while I’m down there, I figure I’ll do a little damage and FINALLY update my spring/summer wardrobe. I just haven’t been able to shop much lately so I’m really looking forward to it. Stoked to get back to my favorite stores down there, but in the mean time I decided to browse Urban Outfitters online to see if anything jumped out at me. I always seem to go in there with a list and walk out with completely different things. Oh well, hope your week is going well!
-Andrew J

Shades Of Greige Short-Sleeved Double Layer V-Neck
OBEY Rising Sweater
Matte Watch Sunglasses
Just Did It Tee
Deadstock Slope Aviator
Deadstock 300 Aviator
Charles half Short Sleeve Seeded Scoop Henley
BDG Striped Breezy Button Down (Although those shorts are pretty bomb too, not going to lie)
BDG Resin Crunch Skinny Jean



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Coco Chanel said that you should always look in the mirror and take off one accessory before leaving the house. I couldn’t agree more with Coco… it’s just hard sometimes when you have lots of new things to play around with haha. But alas, you know you’ve seen the accessory overload victims, and no one wants to look like that.
Yesterday I was going through wardrobe of what I’m wanting to take to Los Angeles next week, and I realized I have acquired quite a few new accessories for the shoot. So of course… I took pictures haha. Hope you’re having a great day, enjoy!
-Andrew J

Shades of Greige scarf. I bought this back in November but for some reason had it shipped to my parents house where it’s been sitting in the shipping box until this weekend when I rescued it. Still trying to figure out the best way to wear it, but I like.

Love these. Here are two things actually, my new studded wrap braclet from Urban Outfitter, and my friend Nicolas got me a Marc Jacobs braclet when he visited Chicago recently. Inscription reads ” Veritas Inlustrat” or “Truth Illuminates”. I have hardly taken it off since I’ve gotten it.These necklaces are just for my photoshoot as they are a little too… I don’t even know the word, for me to wear around on a daily basis haha.
And I know it was on the last post, but it bears repeating because it is my favorite accessory right now hands down.


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Every once in a while I stumble across a designer and love practically EVERYTHING that they put out. Previously I’ve done posts on Reiss and Shades of Greige. This time my new love is MB 999. I saw them yesterday on Gilt and it was everything I could do to not buy ALL of their stuff. My only saving grace was that I knew I’d be doing some shopping this coming weekend in Dallas. On that note, if anyone in Norman is looking for a house to buy/rent let me know because I need to get rid of mine lol, also if anyone has any suggetions for living accomidations on the north side of Dallas (or just North of the city up by Richardson) please let me know :)! Anywho, back on track, maybe it’s because I’ve been on a major “black” jag recently, who knows, but love this designer. Here’s some of my favorites from the sale yesterday! Hope you’re having a great one!
-Andrew J.

I want their stuff… I’m regretting not getting in on the sale now :(. It’s very preppy-goth lol. Santa?


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As I mentioned previously, Shades of Greige has rapidly become my new favorite addiction/label. Their clothing is not only unique but I think extremely cutting edge for men’s fashion. They push the envelope without crossing that line to where it starts to appear costume like.

So I just got some new pieces from Shades and I absolutely love them! I photographed the shawl neck sweater, but I think it warrants another picture or two because it’s quite amazing. In addition to that, I got a really cool drape-neck long sleeve with really unique sleeves that go asymmetrically down my hands. I also got a pair of suspender pants, which took some tweaking with a pair of scissors (the slits for attaching the suspenders to the pants were too small for the buttons, but I love them!

Any who, enough chit chat, here are the goods!

Shades of GreigeOkay I don’t know how to make these images any bigger because they’re horizontal without cutting off the edges so click them and then click the image again when it takes you to the next page to view in full view.
Shades of Greige 2


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I don’t like anymore :(. I tried to get on yesterday for a GREAT sale on Shades of Greige which I have been waiting on for a while now. So I sat at my computer and waited for 11:00 to roll around (noon ET), and logged on… immediately every item I wanted (and it took me maybe a minute thirty to see what I wanted) was already in the shopping cart of another member!!! So unfair :(. I was wanting to get three things that really caught my attention, but only ended up getting this scarf thing (which is pretty cool):

Shades ScarfShades SweaterBut this sweater with sleeves scarf built in is what I really wanted. It’s SO unique!

Alas, I was unable to get it… so what is a disgruntled shopaholic to do? Look elsewhere of course. Found the following Shades of Greige items that I couldn’t pass up.

Shades of Greige black shirt
Shades of Greige suspender pantsGotta love these suspender pants!

Also! Got this Cope sweater in yesterday. You may remember it from one of my favorite picks from a few posts ago.
Cope SweaterHope you’re having a great day. Gotta run, lots and lots of homework. I’m soooo over school already.

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