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COkay so one more quickie post before I start my looooong drive to Austin. Yesterday was the first St. Patrick’s Day I actually have ever done anything for and for some reason I really got into it haha. I made sure to not leave the house without rocking my green Mexican biker shirt from Sayulita and my green and suede Lacoste hightops. Lunch at O’Connell’s Irish Pub seemed like the only place to be to celebrate the holiday and come 12:30 I was greeted with people who seemed as though they had already been drinking the green beer for a while haha. Well if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em I guess. The “Irish” beer wasn’t very tasty, and had this weird after taste that made me wonder if that’s what drinking food coloring tasted like. In any case, it was fun, on to the pictures because I’m out the door :)! Will hopefully post Saturday from the festival!
-Andrew J

This girl had awesome shoes! But they were hard to get a good shot of because she was so far away.The not so tasty beverage itself
Oh and for some reason there were camera EVERYWHERE on Campus Corner… like seriously saw four film crews.



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Sayulita is this AMAZING surf town like 15 minutes north of our house in La Cruz. The day before I flew out my Mom, Julie and I all headed up there for lunch, some shopping and a to get some wonderful pictures. Here are the results of that trip, and the last of my Mexico pictures. Enjoy! It’s really hard to look at these while it’s snowing outside right now.
-Andrew J.
This town is ruled by the dogs, I would say they should film a movie here aobut it, but they shot a lot of Beverly Hills Chihuahua here
Surfers of all age flock here because there is perpetual, amazing surf.
What the typical Sayulita inhabitant looks like
The candy cart guy is my second favorite pic from the day. Soooo glad I got it in time.
I liked this guys face. He reminded me of old school Kenny Rogers or something.
This little girl is my favorite picture from the day, hands down!
This Mango Tree is the most commercial establishment in Sayulita ha.
Oh my god, Choco Banana is the best drink ever!!! Their speciality is of course named after the establishment and is completely heaven; Chocolate, banana and coffee!
My beaded bracelet my dad got me for Christmas came from here.

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This is a short post because I’ve come home to an approaching blizzard… grand eh? So I’m trying to get stuff back to “orderly” around here and get everything prepared for the ice storm. Here are some trappings I acquired on the trip. Most came from that boutique I mentioned where I got the brown button down a couple posts ago, L.O.B., the black shirt came from another boutique in the Peninsula property (which is my favorite and where I would buy in Puerto Vallarta if I bought in a highrise).

The green shirt though, came from this GREAT place I found in Sayulita called Revolucion del Sueno. I met the designer, who is originally from Paris and is pictured below. Very cool guy, and his designs are wonderful! I will definitely be going back next time and scooping up way more than one piece. Well, hope you’re having a great week, enjoy the pics!

-Andrew J


A great light-weight sweater, it’s awesome!

Liked it so much I wore it on my big travel day back to the states ha. Awful pic though…

Here is the artist Nicolas Kerveven. The website is

This is another one of his that I thought was AWESOME!

Oh and a couple of random pictures… that is what I came for a month in… it was so tiny.

And finally, the front of our house in PV. Didn’t get any shots off of the back, but you get the idea ha.

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