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New Orleans Mardi Gras 2013

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Andrew and I adventured into the wonderful world of Mardi Gras at none other than the heart of debauchery itself, New Orleans Bourbon Street.

Both of us are fond of the Big Easy, visiting it often sans-beads and boobies.  But the city was all good-girl-gone-bad for the week of Mardi Gras– and we kinda liked it. 🙂


I flew into Dallas from Washington, D.C. and met up with Andrew and the two of us ventured off with our NoLa-virgin friends in tow!


The calm before the storm…






Beignets all day every day!




on beads…


on beads!


So MUCH food!




And of course old-timey photos!




Lasting Impressions?

  • I saw a grown man urinate his pants in the middle of the street.
  • I stood next to two minors openly passing a joint back and forth– police within arms reach.
  • According to the Christian radicals I am absolutely going to hell for 8/10 items on their list of sins (one of which was being AT Mardi Gras).
  • I was hit in the head with a water bottle for complimenting a man about his drunken teamwork.
  • I saw many pierced nipples and that wasn’t really my thing.
  • And I was front row to a gentleman “helicoptering” his man parts for beads.

I love New Orleans.

And, you’re welcome Nola for the small chunk of change I contriubuted to the $300 million economic city surge.

…but more importantly, who’s in for MG2014?




Fresh Start 2010

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Happy, brand-spanking, fresh, new year.


Resigned from University of Dallas.

Enrolled in the Art Institute of Washington.

It’s a good change.

So now, you will be getting some east coast fashion and culture…

(photo credits to

…combined with some of Andrew’s escape to Mexico.

(photo credits to

I rang in the New Year as the designated driver with the love of my life and our best friends.

But before hand I made a huge dinner and we sipped some Kir Royales & French 75s.

(photo credit to Intoxicology)

I have had 3 pretty shitty back to back years, but twenty-ten is going to be amazing.

Hope your holidays were amazing.

(photo credit to the Sustainability Ninja)

Did anyone get a good shot of the Blue Moon on New Years eve? It was the first one since 1990 and the last one until 2028!



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While I am engrossed in my studying for finals.. I have had a couple Vogue and YOOX interludes..

I Love Christmas soirees with friends.

AND I am going to coerce my boyfriend into taking me to NYC and DC for some lights… YA HEAR THAT RYAN!!

Here’s some hot stuff to dress up your holi-dazed threads…

I Love Rumi’s (from Fashion Toast) hot Cali outfit.. probably will not fly on the east coast with our freezing temps… but throw a heavy coat on and this is perfect for making it to a fun holiday party with your friends.. and check out Rumi’s blog.. it is one of my favorites– she’s stunning.

Jennifer Aniston looks hot as always.. I had to include this for the purpose of no function what-so-ever relating to holiday parties… but because it is possible to look cute and chic while walking through the airport…

I am so glad no one saw me rip off my UGGs through security, sporting my halloween socks with black sweats and a penn state hoodie… comfy, but gross… in my defense I had a 3 hour delay from IAD to DFW…

Chanel Iman… need I say more? She is really looking gorgeous these days.

ba-ba-ba-baddddd asssss. Noir Rings.

Who is going to steal this Maison Martin Margiela s/s 2006 leather jacket on YOOX for the brilliant price of $10.5k?

I am a fan of the colored tights with a simple dress for the cocktail parties… I know its overdone.. but I dig.

and add this cuff to the above.

Another cute cocktail party outfit… especially if the coutless holiday dresses are driving you mad.

…and if you have that “I’m feeling so luscious” dress spike it with these hot tights and some bright pumps… (no one will EVER know you that same dress over jeans on Friday, with legging’s on tuesday, With flats to the grocery store, or to your grandfather’s funeral)..

I love this. Its so festive. Yet involves ZERO GREEN OR RED! I think the frosted effect of the tights is what gives it the holiday feeeeeeling… and please note the feathers on the heels.. perfect accent.

Beautiful tights on O. Palermo. I don’t stalk celebs, so I don’t really know much about her, so all you Olivia haters don’t bash me. But she does do style pretty effortlessly.

Blake Lively can do no wrong. I mean it takes me 7 minutes for my eyes to reach the bottom of her legs. And somehow, with SOO much skin, she still looks perfectly classy.

I think its the combo of the mature pattern on the heavy fabric blouse combined with the closed toe heels. I kid you not, I truly feel that if I saw toes, this outfit would turn slutty…

I will be posting more regularly after these next couple of weeks. Sorry for the bad blogging. Thank God for Andrew. 🙂



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Because apparently stunners are popular…. who doesn’t love looking at beautiful people having a fun time? 


I love her green dress, and necklace. 


Needing that ring, asap. 


You guys should know how I feel about smoking shots by now. what a capture. 


I am obsessed with Leigh Lezark’s hair… and i have a hair appointment wednesday. Thoughts? 


LOVE the gloves… and a man that can jam 😉 


Chanel Pre-Fall 2008 Lightblub Shoes… sex. 


Loving the scarf. 


I think we are all obsessed with her gorgeous bone structure… but please note: BANDAID ON THE ANKLE.  I love seeing life photos. 


I just love this shot. Gorgeous neckline on that dress. 


Hot. Lover her nailpolish. love his gloves. 




I really wish my boyfriend would get these glasses. I love them. 




Just finished an amazing theology paper a couple days early, what a great feeling.


I heart blogging and listening to the Odyssey via book-on-tape

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Some Beauties… 
damirdomadossier-full-007Leigh Lezark and Geordon Nicol

preen-full-009lfwanotherparty-full-119versacenightout-full-055purpledinner-full-030damirdomadossier-full-010damirdomadossier-full-080versacenightout-full-060damirdomadossier-full-121(photos courtesy of 

 Can these people get any more beautiful.. I love party style inspiration. 
Cannot wait for the weekend… and so looking forward to heading to NYC mid next week to visit the boy 🙂

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