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At last! At last! Marisa and I reunited at LAST! It was nearly three years in the making – but it finally happened and while it was absolutely amazing to be reunited again – it was WAY too short (all and all it was only about 24 hours!) :(.

In true Me & Marisa fashion though, it was a weekend filled with awesome food, shopping and of course… picking up right where we left off with one of my favorite people in the world!

Enjoy the photos – hopefully they give some idea of just how much fun we had together!

P.S. Many, many trips have been planned as a result of this one, so it will certainly not be another 2 1/2 years before we are together again!

-Andrew J.

Marisa styling it up at the airport – as soon as I saw her turn the corner at baggage claim, I had the BIGGEST uncontrollable smile on my face I’ve had in ages!  She looks so east coast though, we need to get this girl back to the SOUTH!

We were both STARVING when I picked her up, so of course the very first order of business – Campisi’s on Mockingbird for some comida.

Right after lunch it was time to kick the shopping into high gear! Marisa is involved in a new vintage store that is launching in Virginia so we hit up Curiosities Antique & Vintage to see if we could find anything fun. We sort of struck out on any purchases, but we had fun checking out everything the store had to offer.

Mildly freaky…

Feeling a little bummed out that we spent our first hour and a half without purchasing anything other than food, we hit up the one place we knew we could find something… NORTHPARK!  Even then, shopping was sort of a struggle for us, things just weren’t popping out as “gotta have’s”. Never the less, I got a great shirt for dinner that night and Marisa purchased a beautiful dress (photos of that a little further down in the post).

After shopping for a couple hours – we figured it was time to check into the W Dallas where we would be calling home for the next 24 hours.  The W was awesome! Great room – though it was weird that the bathroom was completely open aside from a curtain that separated the “bathroom” space of the room from the rest of the room – and I would definitely go back and stay there again!

Our first “Reunited” picture!

I really want that rolling chair for my new office!

What’s that? A model included in with the room?! Oh – it’s Marisa. Guess she just looks very at home there 🙂

Check out the awesome curtain behind me… yep, that’s the room divider!

We booked a reservation for Tom Colicchio‘s restaurant CRAFT thinking it would be pretty close to our hotel – but come to find out, it was actually IN our hotel. So add on the fact that the only places we went after dinner were Ghost Bar (BIG mistake) and the W Bar in the hotel lobby/lounge – from 6:30 pm until noon the next morning, we never once left the W lol.

Awesome light bars in CRAFT

Warning: The portions at CRAFT are absolutely humongous but incredibly delicious – bring your appetite people, I highly recommend the restaurant though! Tom definitely knows what he is doing.

Enjoying a bevvie before dinner.

We clean up okay 🙂  – and yes, that’s Marisa’s new dress. Verrry pretty, picture doesn’t even do it justice.

I really really loved the Lobby Bar Chandeliers at the W!

Ready to turn in for the night – back to the room!

I know I said I wouldn’t post it – but it’s really just too friggin cute of you not to post, if you want I can take it down ;). Marisa got hungry in the middle of the night and tackled some of the leftovers from dinner and lunch before lights out.

The next morning we both realized we … had not consumed enough water the night before… and I woke up to random pieces of Campisi’s pizza crust and a muffin CRAFT gave us for the next morning like so…

The morning after.

After we got up and around – we checked out of the W and headed to Knox-Henderson for some brunch at Tolouse. Fantastic brunch by the way (also highly recommend)!

Bloody Marry’s, Bagels, Beignets (with cappuccino sauce), and Belgian waffles (we were on a B kick apparently) made for the perfect Brunch!

After brunch – to postpone our inevitable departure, we kicked it over to Restoration Hardware and picked out my new dream furniture for my house.

Alas though – all good things must come to an end (yes, like this epic blog post). I dropped Marisa north of Dallas at her friends house and began my trek back to Norman. A very sad day, but SO glad it happened! Already cannot wait to see her again!

See you soon my friend – love you and miss you!



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Just a short post- last weekend I went to Dallas with Tyler, Dominique and her sister to go have one last hurrah and a little shopping before we watched Tyler leave us all for France, and also to get my tux for LA this weekend.  I didn’t have my camera- so I had to rely on point and shoots (please, hold your gasps of disapproval). Dominique and her sisters I must say are some of the best dressed girls- their style really is genetic too as they all always look great :).

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

My new Boss Black Tux from Nordstrom.

Dominique all set and ready to go to Northpark

But Dobbie was not to be shown up, rocking an awesome shoulder padded jacket from BCBG

Post shopping, getting ready to head out for a bit in Uptown (Ah, memories of my Dallas past.). Dominique rocking her version of the BCBG Jacket

And finally, Dobbie and her boyfriend (and a new dress she got that day from Armani Exchange).

There you have it, short but sweet 🙂


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Friday a group of friends and I headed down to Dallas for a quick pop-corn 24 hour trip for shopping, food and nightlife. For whatever reason… it seems the only one I really documented out of those three was the food. The trip was a lot of fun and I did do some definite shopping damage (those pics will follow within the next couple of days… when I take them). I love that Dallas is so close that a short trip like this is possible. The rest of the weekend was really mellow and slow filled with yardwork and laundry haha so for now, I’ll just focus on the Dallas trip ;). Enjoy the pics! Hope yours was a great weekend as well!
-Andrew J

Can’t go wrong with Campisi’s on Mockingbird. It has such an old mafia feel to it. Great place if you haven’t been there!

View from our hotel room at the Embassy Suites Dallas Love. I felt like I was in a park since we were just above the trees and all of the building were hidden.
This was something really cool and that we sort of stumbled on when we left Northpark for The Galleria. Apparently Red Bull sponsored an art exhibit called The Art of Can where all of these different designs and sculptures were made from Red Bull cans! I had no idea how big of a deal it was until I started seeing billboards for it around the city.

Those are little butterflies made from cans!

Okay I really like this leather jacket from Kenneth Cole. It’s hard to see in this crappy iPhone picture, but it’s kinda “blocky”.

Mmmmm after a night out, nothing quite like  a good breakfast… and one of my favorite things- “HOTEL BACON”!!!

And of course, what would a trip to Dallas be without Sprinkles Cupcakes?

Nothing compliments a Red Velvet Cupcake quite like a bottle of Coke!

For those of you who are familiar with QuickTrip, you will understand this… being in a part of the country right now where there are none it was essential to stop off for a QT Hotdog on the way back home. I don’t care what’s in it, it’s delicious!!!


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I completely missed a HUGE landmark for Me & Marisa back in June… Our 1-Year Anniversary of the blog!!! I can’t believe I missed it! I realized it a few days ago, but didn’t want to rush a post together. I wanted to take some time and go through the posts from a year ago and put together a post of some of my favorite photos and memories. This post is a huge homage to Dallas 2009, when Me and Marisa met working at The Richards Group as well as all of the people that made that summer. Such an amazing time and it will stay with me forever :). Looking back at these photos makes me miss Marisa sooooooo much! We’ll be having a rendezvous in September for Fashion Week, but it isn’t soon enough! Enjoy this walk down memory lane, kicking it off with the very first post Marisa and I ever did:

Hey guys what’s up? Welcome to the blog.

I’m Andrew Jones (the ‘Me’ in Me & Marisa). I’m a 21 year old ad student at The University of Oklahoma. About a year ago I started a fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine targeted at college students called Fashionably Late.
So that should give you some idea of what this blog will be about; a little fashion, a little bit on trends, food, culture, you get the idea.

Enjoy the blog!


I’m Marisa.

I’m not nearly as interesting as Andrew.

I live in Dallas and go to the University of Dallas.  

I have an obsession with blazers, sunglasses and vegan cuisine.

 I’m always up for an adventure, especially if it involves the Trifecta: touchable architecture, beautiful food, and intelligent company.  

I love the finer things in life and have been raised to enjoy them–and I’m a great sharer. 

I’m sarcastic to a fault– but it has yet to get me a black eye.


-Andrew & Marisa

Me & Marisa
The Me & Marisa avatar pic at Bliss!
Marisa's Taco's
Our first food porn pics on the blog!
Laura Lizzle’s birthday!
My first introduction to Red Mango, and my first “self-swirl” at Red Mango HQ!
Marisa’s ah-mazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes- Above, and below!
21st birthday at Bellagio in Vegas!
At midnight haha.
Our black jack dealer… this was like 3 days after Michael Jackson died :/.  
My favorite dish from Bangkok City!  
Pics from one of my favorite posts ever; Inter-Office Fashion
I think my favorite picture of Marisa and I… It was right after we had Assembly Dallas “Shut down” for us 🙂
So cute :)!
My old dog Windsor 😦
La Duni cupcakes at Northpark
The day Marisa got her second tattoo… and it messed up haha! Sorry… SO not funny 😉

Midnight showing of Harry Potter 5
Art event at the W Dallas
Goodbye intern dinner.
Picture 1
I think maybe my favorite pic I’ve ever taken of Marisa.
REALLY bad wine and Captain Crunch to try to improve the flavor… epic fail.
We’ll be seein y’all soon ya-hear!


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As the title would suggest, this weekend was spent in Dallas for the Chelsea Handler show; however, I will start with Friday. On Friday Tyler 1, Tyler 2, Jonathan and myself all met up for lunch for our little tradition at Tarahumara’s Mexican restaurant. Two swirls and three green enchiladas later, I got the wonderful notion that we should go play laser tag again (see post from last weekend… I think). So we killed time till about 4 in the afternoon and then proceeded to burn off our entire lunch while getting our butts handed to us by about 17 little 12 year-olds. I ranked 5th on the first game (surprisingly), and then the second game we played it was just the four of us. SO much fun, and I am proud to say… First place baby! Boooyah! We rounded out Friday with some R&R at the hot tub where we ran into a few people we met a couple weeks ago, but, alas, our late lunch and skipping dinner caught up to us so we had to make an 11:00 pm run to Buffalo Wild Wings before calling it a night.

Saturday began at 6:30 in the morning because I was just not in the mood to pack for Dallas Friday night. We all met up at Tyler’s house around 8 and then immediately went to Starbucks before hitting the road.  The day was spent shopping at Northpark and eating (which honestly, what else should you do in Dallas?). I made it out with a couple new shirts, a pair of shorts I’m in love with, and of course some new sunglasses. All of that shopping worked up a bit of an appetite for something sweet though, so we ended our Northpark extravaganza at La Duni where I partook in a lemon meringue cupcake. After that we went and checked into our loooovely hotel, napped, got dressed, took a couple of shots (which only made sense considering who we were seeing), and then headed to Chelsea Handler. She was absolutely hysterical and I’m so glad I went. Such a fun night. This is really just part one of the weekend recap, but hope you all had a great weekend as well!
-Andrew J

It was like one of those real bobble-head dogs!
This is where we thought Chelsea Handler was going to be when we went to go get Tyler and Jonathan’s tickets from will call…
…But then we realized that the crowd of people probably didn’t really go with Miss Handler… and sure enough, we were in the wrong place.
Northpark; Home sweet home.
As if Urban Outfitters knew Chelsea was in town.
‘Da boys in the Northpark “fishtank” at the food court.
Lol Tyler kept taking candid shots that I didn’t know about till just now putting this post together :). I like.
A little tipsy maybe… but you can say it… we look goooood
Don’t be confused if your tickets say the Nokia Theater… they mean Verizon.

 Ending on a good foot. Because they wouldn’t let me take my camera in 😦


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This weekend made it back down to Dallas and started doing some apartment shopping. Ended up finding a GREAT place called The Marquis at Waterview it’s gorgeous and totally my style. Ended up putting my application in on it today so here’s hoping all goes well. If so, I’ll be calling Texas home come the first weekend of January! I’m soooo excited, I’ve really missed living there… not that Norman isn’t great and all, but it’s just no Dallas. After apartment shopping was finished ended up doing some actual shopping. Hit up my long lost friend, Northpark, and found some great stuff! Hope your weekend went well! It was a really crazy day today and I’m just glad it’s behind me. Looking forward to some R&R with the family this week for Thanksgiving.
-Andrew J.

Oh yeah, on the way to go apartment shopping- stumbled across an estate sale, had some great stuff, but I really loved these masks sitting outside
The entry area at my new home
If anyone wants to get me this Armani Exchange sweater I’d be very appreciative :). I like it a lot!
Store orgasm; the new Louis Vuitton store is finally open!
Shoe orgasm; The Diesel Moonwalk Boots… It took a lot of will power to not get these… I loved them so much :'(.
Car orgasm… whew I’m exhausted.


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Hey everyone! Okay yeah I know, I’ve been an awful blogger lately, tsk tsk on me. Weekend in Dallas was absolutely amazing! And will go down as one of my all time favorites for sure. My weekend was full of music, haunted houses, new friends, old friends, great conversation, great shopping, and finding things I didn’t really know existed. Yes it’s a little vague, but that’s as detailed as you’re going to get ;). Suffice it to say, I’m very happy right now.

Didn’t take a ton of pictures, but I did get some great shots on Saturday when I spent the afternoon with two of my favorite ladies; Marisa (duh) and Anastasia. You might recgonize Anastasia from the Fashionably Late magazine post I did a little bit ago. She was in both of the shoots. I wish I had remembered to bring my camera for everything else that weekend but I guess I’ll just have to settle for memory-pictures :). Enjoy! I hope your weekend was every bit as great!
-Andrew J.

2549Anastasia and I decided to take in some sun at the Northpark courtyard after doing a little damage at Urban Outfitter
Great harp music in the background!
The new Louis Vuitton store looks really pretty!
Marisa looking all cute. Sorry the lights above were a little yellowing…
Red Mango!
This was too cool! A Barney’s New York display where the grass was spaghetti!
Anastasia was headed off to the Dallas Block Party dressed as Samantha Jones lol.

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