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This weekend was pretty packed to put it mildly!

Friday night, I got to don my tuxedo once again and go out to a fantastic annual charity event for Heartline: Festival of Hope. It was a gorgeous event, and honestly the food was absolutely delicious!  There was a silent auction, and I bid on a couple of items… however, unless I’ve missed their calls, I didn’t win lol. Which I’m really bummed about because there was a painting there I was pretty much in love with.

Saturday – bright and early, I got up to go to breakfast with a couple friends at a little local “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant – Ozzie’s – here in Norman… at 7 AM!!!  Because after that I had to hit the road and head to the first ever final for the Texas Tennis Open!

There were two finals – doubles and singles. The doubles involved: Alberta Brianti and Sorana Cirstea (Italy and Romania respectively) against Alize Cornet and Pauline Parmentier (from France… of course). It was a VERY entertaining match and lasted for quite a bit… but I have to say, the 106 degree weather without sunscreen made it a little less than pleasurable ha.

Sorana Cristea is really beautiful! Texas Tennis Open

After the doubles, I went in a mad dash in search of food before the singles final between Sabine Lisicki (about 20th in the world from Germany) and Aravane Rezai (from France… naturally). Ironically, both Frenchies lost lol. Sabine was absolutely AMAZING and totally blew her away. Rezai just ended up giving up towards the end.

The evening I was pretty much exhausted so called it an early night and woke up bright and early the next morning to go meet by better half (and new Dallas resident) Dominique for brunch at Breadwinners. I had banana bread french toast — my life is now complete.

All in all, a very good weekend! Hope yours was equally amazing!

It’s going to be a whirlwind next 6 weeks and I won’t be home ANY of the weekends – so I’ll try to do posts more regularly to keep you up to date!

Have a great night.


Oh and I ended the weekend with painting my bathroom a color (not done justice here) I now affectionately have dubbed “Expectant Baby Boy Blue”



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Okay so I know it’s Wednesday, and a weekend recap should naturally happen on a Monday, but this blogger has been a busy bee! This weekend was filled with tennis. Started on Saturday with some national tennis competition of 16 year olds taking place in Norman. I went with my friends Tori and Brian for a few hours and all I can say is wow… tennis can be summed up as the following; “a self depricating sport of constant rhetorical questions.” every time one of these people would mess up they would shout “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” or “MOVE YOUR FEET!!! WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH?”… obviously they did not get the memo on “positive talk” affecting sports performance. Sunday, had another BBQ with the regulars plus Tori and Brian to celebrate the start of the French Open. As I say, there is always a reason for a party… and if not, then that is a reason right there :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a great week!
-Andrew J

Some of the kids who were really good would be like 14 and “play up” a division.
This girl was my favorite.
I’m sure it’s harsh to say, but I wanted to believe that the reason this line ref had the posture he did was because he spent his entire life bending over chalk lines. 🙂
Really? A bunny on a leash?
Where the boy’s were playing.
Tori and Brian
This kid in the red was AWESOME and couldn’t have been older than like 12 or 13.
And THIS kid was insane! He screamed on like every single point he missed… and I mean SCREAMED. In this particular picture he screamed some phrase of jibberish that ended in what sounded like “lesbians” as he made the gun sign… psyyyyychooooooo.
Making shrimp and bacon skewers mmmmmmmm.


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Not much to say about this. I think it was the third year for the fest, but my first to attend. Didn’t stay an incredibly long time, but there was rich material for photos. So I’ll let them do the talking. Hope you are having a great week :)!
-Andrew J

Clothes from Dallas. LOVE my new shorts 🙂
My favorite resident Norman rockstar- Jacob Abello
The mainstage, these guys were… … … Oh I dont’ know who they are.
I thought it was funny, these three friends were wearing almost the exact same hats.
I swear, everyone was wearing a headband!
I think some of the medieval fair crowd got mixed in
My favorite picture! I hope (wearing sparkles and a boa) she was a performer, but who knows haha.
This guy was like 6’6 at least!
Z Z Tops is that you?


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This weekend I got a new car :)!!! Bought it from Melton Auto in my home town of Claremore. Got lucky enough to be helped by my high school buddy Jake Melton. They did a great job and I’m THRILLED to welcome Black Betty, my new 2010 Dodge Challenger to my life. Got to pick her up and bring her back to Norman yesterday. She drives like a dream and I just can’t stop smiling haha. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Jake walking me through the features
Out with the old, in with the new
She just haaaaaad to touch it! Grrrrr
Zoom zoom! Catch ya later 😉


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It was a very fun weekend filled with fun, family and food… lots and lots of food! I went up to Claremore on Friday, a day earlier than I had expected to because some plans fell through for Friday night, and my parents and I went and saw The Bounty Hunter… All I will say is it was cute, and that’s being generous ha.
Saturday was a big day, I went in search of my new car (a Dodge Challenger), that I had already decided would be named “Black Betty”. Went to a couple car places, and test drove a cherry red one (which I almost went with and is pictured below), but I ended up deciding on 2010 black one that has to be trucked in from Kansas. After all, Black Betty wouldn’t make sense on a red car, yeah? It was supposed to be here today but good things come to those who (are forced to) wait and I will be able to take it home to Norman by end of the business day tomorrow.
Easter Sunday was great! Though, I went to bed feeling more than a bit large despite who knows how many crunches before bed. My Aunt Jackie, Lenore, Uncle Bill, my sister’s boyfriend and my Papaw all came to Easter dinner at my parents house and it was just a really great time full of loud conversations and embarrassing stories haha. I’ll stop talking now and let the pictures do the rest. Hope you had a really great one with your loved ones and family!
-Andrew J

Signing my car forms!
Jake Melton, his family name is on the building and I bought my car from him. Highschool peers doing business ha.
Isn’t she cute :)?
Copper putting on her Sunday vamp
I had to keep it “traditional” for Easter
Mr. Man and my mom. AKA my sister’s beau.
Gidget in her Sunday dress
I thought my sister looked like Suzie Home-maker
You know you want me…
I’m most proud of my “chick” egg and my Japanese flag egg.

Exhausted at the end of the day. Tell me that isn’t adorable.


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Sorry for the delay in today’s post, I normally try to get them out early in the morning on Monday’s, but my business has REALLY been picking up and it’s been hard to get these posts done early. Anywho, this weekend was a very good one! Friday went to a party, not much to report there. Saturday night I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon, which is such a feel good movie you have to go see it if you haven’t already! But among the good food, and the good company, Sunday was the real gem of the weekend… I went to the medieval fair! Norman always has a yearly medieval fair and I’ve gone to the last two… possibly three, I can’t remember ha. This year certainly didn’t disappoint and all told I spent about 3 1/2 – 4 hours walking around taking in all of the sights and people. Good fun :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pics from the fair!
-Andrew J

There was a wedding going on and these people made a sword bridge when they finished. Pretty cool not gonna lie.
And why wouldn’t the dogs have wings?
This guy was just a little too much…
She made my day haha.
Standing in line for home brewed root-beer
Couldn’t pass up a pic with the master wizard!
Ye old mead and apple tart!
Poor dog :(. It reminded me of Alice though ha.

This dryad was kind enough to put down her cellphone for a picture haha.


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This weekend was actually surprisingly eventful, though I was a bad blogger and didn’t take many pictures :(.
Friday night it turned out that all of my friends here in Norman were otherwise engaged, so I decided to head down to Dallas and go to a little fashion and trunk show that a friend of mine was doing. The event was held at a club though, so I didn’t want to take my big clunky camera inside. Before that though I met up with my friends Shruti, Shalini and Priya in Richardson for dinner. Really made me realize how much I miss those girls. Show started at 10 and then I did something really dumb… I drove BACK to Norman at 1:30 in the morning… I made it in right around 4:15 a.m. and I will never again in my life do something so stupid.

Saturday I caught up with my old friend Paola over coffee and then Nicolas called and told me about a great film showing at the OKC Museum of Art called An Education. So we went and grabbed dinner at this amazing pizza place called The Wedge (we got the truffle something something pizza, it was amazing! iPhone pic below doesn’t even do it justice).  The restaurant was small and really awesome with exposed brick walls. I really felt like I was in New York… which in Oklahoma is a real feat to accomplish. The movie was amazing! I personally think it has classic written all over it. Such great costuming, wonderful story line and beautifully acted. No wonder it’s up for an Oscar for best picture. I think in two weeks I’m going to be going back to the Museum theater to see the Tom Ford movie. Really excited about that!

In the atrium of the museum theater

Sunday was a typical lazy day, as it should have been. I started working on a couple big blog posts the first of which I’ll get posted tomorrow. Then I went over to a friends house and watched the Super Bowl. I rooted for the Saints, and luckily, of course, they won! Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J

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