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The night I went to the Norman Music Festival, I also spent some time walking through the little strip of carnival festivities. You want to talk about some great material for photography! Anywho, just a few pics, but I liked all of them so here they are. Hope you have a really great weekend, and stay safe!
-Andrew J



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Not much to say about this. I think it was the third year for the fest, but my first to attend. Didn’t stay an incredibly long time, but there was rich material for photos. So I’ll let them do the talking. Hope you are having a great week :)!
-Andrew J

Clothes from Dallas. LOVE my new shorts 🙂
My favorite resident Norman rockstar- Jacob Abello
The mainstage, these guys were… … … Oh I dont’ know who they are.
I thought it was funny, these three friends were wearing almost the exact same hats.
I swear, everyone was wearing a headband!
I think some of the medieval fair crowd got mixed in
My favorite picture! I hope (wearing sparkles and a boa) she was a performer, but who knows haha.
This guy was like 6’6 at least!
Z Z Tops is that you?

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