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As the title would suggest, this weekend was spent in Dallas for the Chelsea Handler show; however, I will start with Friday. On Friday Tyler 1, Tyler 2, Jonathan and myself all met up for lunch for our little tradition at Tarahumara’s Mexican restaurant. Two swirls and three green enchiladas later, I got the wonderful notion that we should go play laser tag again (see post from last weekend… I think). So we killed time till about 4 in the afternoon and then proceeded to burn off our entire lunch while getting our butts handed to us by about 17 little 12 year-olds. I ranked 5th on the first game (surprisingly), and then the second game we played it was just the four of us. SO much fun, and I am proud to say… First place baby! Boooyah! We rounded out Friday with some R&R at the hot tub where we ran into a few people we met a couple weeks ago, but, alas, our late lunch and skipping dinner caught up to us so we had to make an 11:00 pm run to Buffalo Wild Wings before calling it a night.

Saturday began at 6:30 in the morning because I was just not in the mood to pack for Dallas Friday night. We all met up at Tyler’s house around 8 and then immediately went to Starbucks before hitting the road.  The day was spent shopping at Northpark and eating (which honestly, what else should you do in Dallas?). I made it out with a couple new shirts, a pair of shorts I’m in love with, and of course some new sunglasses. All of that shopping worked up a bit of an appetite for something sweet though, so we ended our Northpark extravaganza at La Duni where I partook in a lemon meringue cupcake. After that we went and checked into our loooovely hotel, napped, got dressed, took a couple of shots (which only made sense considering who we were seeing), and then headed to Chelsea Handler. She was absolutely hysterical and I’m so glad I went. Such a fun night. This is really just part one of the weekend recap, but hope you all had a great weekend as well!
-Andrew J

It was like one of those real bobble-head dogs!
This is where we thought Chelsea Handler was going to be when we went to go get Tyler and Jonathan’s tickets from will call…
…But then we realized that the crowd of people probably didn’t really go with Miss Handler… and sure enough, we were in the wrong place.
Northpark; Home sweet home.
As if Urban Outfitters knew Chelsea was in town.
‘Da boys in the Northpark “fishtank” at the food court.
Lol Tyler kept taking candid shots that I didn’t know about till just now putting this post together :). I like.
A little tipsy maybe… but you can say it… we look goooood
Don’t be confused if your tickets say the Nokia Theater… they mean Verizon.

 Ending on a good foot. Because they wouldn’t let me take my camera in 😦

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