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hi again.

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Oh, hello there strangers!

We’re back with a vengeance.

Travel, food, fashion, debauchery, life, love, and the pursuit of fascination.

No need to miss us anymore, we’re here to play.

Coming tomorrow:

Did you get Fat on Tuesday? We did. M’s take on New Orleans Mardi Gras 2013.



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Well I see it’s been like 60+ days since my last post… or something ridiculous like that.

Epic fail.

Business has been SO good I’m extremely grateful, and I’ve finally brought on help to the point I feel I’m beginning to be able to actually enjoy what I’ve been working for and reclaim my life some.

Anywho – in the meantime, I’m starting to regain a little bit of a love for clothes again (now that I have time to dress in more than a t-shirt and shorts), and thus I’ve been shooting with Michael Anthony Photography some more. Here are a few pics from our recent shoots.

I have to admit, the shoot I did with the other model, I was pretty intimidated about and went on a workout and weight gain binge as he had 30 lbs on me easy and is only 18! Oh yeah — since I last wrote, I’ve turned 23 😉 haha.

Hope you’ve all been well readers!

-Andrew J

Not sure I’m super crazy about this one, but I like something about it.


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Well not much to say here– a lot has been going on and I completely forgot to do my birthday update. So… it’s only a month late :). Hope you’re having a great weekend! Tonigth I’m going to Reggae Fest with Marion and Tyler (squared). Hope you’re having a great weekend!
-Andrew J


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Yesterday I went hunting for pumpkins with my friends Marion and Jeremy. We went around to three different places before finding just the right ones at “The Pumpkin Patch” near campus. My pumpkins stuck out to me immediately and I knew they had to be mine lol. Tonight we’re going to have a pumpkin carving party at my house. Jeremy and Marion were going crazy getting carving gizmo’s and I was like… I’m used to doing it with a knife and a spoon lol. So I’m sure mine won’t be as pretty as theirs is, but I’m all about the classics ha. Hope you’re having a great day!
-Andrew J.

Jeremy and Marion… candid photo, bwahaha ;).
Me and the two I picked out :). Mine is the brighter one next to my leg.
From left to right; Carlos, Jeremy, Marion, and Tyler (I believe that’s correct lol). Mine were in the back seat with me.

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