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Look what I found in my jacket pocket today: my Marc Jacobs leather strap bracelet!

Okay I’m going to be honest, I think the last time I wore this was when I went to OU/TX and was a little fuzzy in the judgement department and I was really sad because I thought I left it somewhere. So VERY glad that was not the case.

As a result of finding the bracelet- paired with the fact it’s finally cold enough to dress with style… and that I talked to one of my friends from NYC last night- I felt inspired to bring a little New York style to Oklahoma today. I’m heading off here in half an hour to go have lunch with Dominique because I haven’t seen her in FOREVER!

Wearing my Fashion’s Night Out 2010 shirt, Triple Five Soul canvas bomber jacket, Marc Jacobs leather strap bracelet, skinny Levi’s and my Diesel boots from New York.  That reminds me- I’m making a promise to myself to get the pictures up this weekend from Fashion’s Night Out- It was kinda epic!

Have a great Friday!
-Andrew J.



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Hey all! Sorry only have time for a quick outfit post today. Wearing some new things I got this weekend in Dallas. Hope you’re having a great day!
-Andrew J.

Andrew Jones channeling Michael JacksonChanneling my inner Michael Jackson here. Skinny Levi’s are new from Urban, Lacoste hightops, sweater I don’t know where it’s from lol. Quilted glove also from Urban Outfitter.


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I have to admit, this is kinda a lazy blog post. We all have these days from time to time, those days when homework gets a little overwhelming and nothing seems to happen to you that day outside of school or work. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Well, partially true, I did a great interview with musician John Calvin that I will be putting up on the blog this weekend (I’m going to see him perform on Friday so I will get some more shots). Really interesting guy so look forward to that. Anywho I have to make this a quickie becuase I have a test to go study for :(. My campaigns capstone is taking up SO much time right now, but I will still do my absolute best to get a post out every day :)… ones better than this lol. Toodles!
-Andrew J

IMGP1967_copyGot the grey Levi’s shirt this weekend. I’m actually quite a fan of Levi’s. It’s just a really Americana brand. Tank top- Adam. Jeans- Rock & Republic. Shoes- Jack Purcell.

IMGP1986 copy
IMGP1975 copy

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