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Sorry for the delay in today’s post, I normally try to get them out early in the morning on Monday’s, but my business has REALLY been picking up and it’s been hard to get these posts done early. Anywho, this weekend was a very good one! Friday went to a party, not much to report there. Saturday night I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon, which is such a feel good movie you have to go see it if you haven’t already! But among the good food, and the good company, Sunday was the real gem of the weekend… I went to the medieval fair! Norman always has a yearly medieval fair and I’ve gone to the last two… possibly three, I can’t remember ha. This year certainly didn’t disappoint and all told I spent about 3 1/2 – 4 hours walking around taking in all of the sights and people. Good fun :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pics from the fair!
-Andrew J

There was a wedding going on and these people made a sword bridge when they finished. Pretty cool not gonna lie.
And why wouldn’t the dogs have wings?
This guy was just a little too much…
She made my day haha.
Standing in line for home brewed root-beer
Couldn’t pass up a pic with the master wizard!
Ye old mead and apple tart!
Poor dog :(. It reminded me of Alice though ha.

This dryad was kind enough to put down her cellphone for a picture haha.

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