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Today Me & Marisa brings you a guest post from another one of my stylish friends, Gatlin Drake. He’s actually also friends with the last guest blogger, so it was just a natural step. Gatlin has had some success modeling and looks to have a bright future in that department, so pay attention to what he has to say, because as everyone on here knows… I think models off runway have the best style out there ha. Take it away Gatlin!
-Andrew J

This post in for the men only, sorry women, but I’m sure you don’t want to be embarrassed when you meet your guy for dinner with your friends or family, or when you meet him at the club for a night out, only to find out that his outfit… well, isn’t what you’d pick out. We know you want your guy to be able to dress himself, and dress himself well for any event. So men, listen up!
When you step into your closet there are essential pieces you should be able to find. These are the basics of functional wardrobe that can build numerous outfits for any occasion, so you can feel safe to throw something together in a hurry and you’ll still look put together. I’ll show you ten basics every guy needs, starting from the tops and working our way down to accessories, and give you suggestions on what to get, without breaking the bank, from my favorite places to shop.

1. The button-down. One can never have too many button-downs: solids, gingham, checks, you need them all! These can be dressed up or dressed down, which is exactly what we want for a functional wardrobe.

I suggest these Secret Wash Button-Down Shirts from J. Crew. $59.50

2. The cardigan. Don’t think of the old, oversized cardigan your grandfather used to wear; cardigans today come in a range of materials, styles and shape, making it easy for the fashionable man to find the right one, or many, for himself. Cardigans have been a “must” piece for me when I travel, we all know it can get a little bit chilly on an airplane, so I make sure to wear or have a cardigan in my carry-on for every flight.

I suggest this V-Neck Cotton & Cashmere Cardigan from Public Opinion, available at Nordstrom. $89.50

3. The sweater. V-Neck, crewneck, half-zip, cotton-cashmere, silk-cashmere, cotton, wool and many more styles and materials are available. Stick to faded colors and a nice fit that hugs the body and you can’t go wrong. Like cardigans, sweaters are seasonless: cotton for summer, wool for fall, and cashmere year-round.

I suggest the cotton V-Neck sweaters from Express. $49.50

4. The blazer. Paired with a button-down, and dark slim-fit jeans, a blazer can make any guy look fashionable. Look for a blazer that hugs your shoulders and has a nice taper in at the waist for a tailored look.

I suggest the Mackenzie Camel hair school boy blazer from Club Monaco.

5. Outerwear. Outerwear is the icing on the cake; it will top off your entire outfit and can either make it or break it. Find outerwear that is cropped with a nice slim shape to it, this will help take off some lbs, no exercise needed. A denim jacket looks great paired with khaki, a cropped trench looks great over a business suit or denim, and a wool authentic peacoat will keep you warm on those cold winter days.

I suggest this cropped trench from Gap. $118.00

6. Denim. Denim can be very versatile, for weekends or for workdays you can make denim work. Choose a straight or slim-fit jean in a dark wash, black, or gray for a sophisticated look. Some guys can be very picky about their denim; I too like to splurge in this area. I prefer a well-made, soft, broken-in feel in my denim and seem to head straight for DIESEL, 7 For All Mankind, or AG Jeans.We suggest the ‘Standard’ Straight Leg Jean in a dark indigo wash from 7 For All Mankind. $178.00

7. Corduroy. Like denim, corduroy is wearable for almost any occasion, it is all about fit. Stick to straight leg, and slim-fit, not only are these super comfortable, but they look great and will help elongate your body making you appear taller, which, in turn, makes you appear slimmer.

I suggest these 484 slim-fit 5-pocket vintage cords from J. Crew. $69.50

8. Pants. I’m throwing a fit about fit. Spend time searching for the perfect fit, try on different styles and spend a couple extra bucks taking your pants to a tailor to ensure a perfect fit.

I suggest the skinny pant from TOPMAN. $40.00

9. The shoes. These shoes were made for walking, that’s just what they’ll do. You just have to know what shoe to wear. Converse distressed Jack Purcell sneakers can be worn with anything for a sporty casual look, and desert boots will look great with your denim for a fun night-on-the-town.

I suggest the distressed Jack Purcell sneakers. $65.00  (*Andrew note: Totally wore these today to walk around. Very comfy and some of my go-to shoes!)

10. The accessories. Accessories help you define your style in your outfit, whether it is your signature bracelet, your favorite watch, sunglasses, hat, tie, or belt, it is up to you. Accessories pull the outfit together and make it your own.

*Trend Alert: Roll up the sleeves of your blazers and the bottom hem of your denim, cords, or pants for a trendy appearance as seen in many runway shows of top designers.

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