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Today we have a great blogger gracing Me & Marisa from across the pond. Her name is Pearl Westwood and she lives in the UK. We became blogger friends not too long after Me & Marisa launched so I’m so thrilled she agreed to do a guest blog for us. Her style is avant-garde and always original paying homage to classic looks mixed with current trends, not to mention she is one of the best bloggers I’ve ever seen at picture refferencing to prove her points and showcase her topics. Without further adieu, I give you Pearl Westwood :)!
P.S. Check out her blog at Fashion Pearls of Wisdom, it’s on the right hand column in our blogroll!
-Andrew J

Wearing: Prada Orange vest, Topshop jeans and tee, Chanel boots, Mulberry scarf, clutch and belt

Wearing: Prada cardigan and clutch, Zara trousers and boots, Karl Largerfeld for H&M tee

If there is one thing us Brit girls are obsessed with it is US girls’ style and so of course girls in the States want to know all about UK girls’ style! I think the main thing with British style is that we mix it all up and have a really eclectic and laid back approach to dressing. I think this is why we are trying to steal your Olivia Palermo, we love that perfectly polished look. So here are some of my style influences for two of my favourite outfits.

The Prada 2007 A/W collection has to be one of my absolute favourite so I am always on the lookout for pieces from it. In the second outfit I’ve used the bright bag to add a colour pop to the black and grey. In the first outfit I have taken influence from Mulberry’s colour clashing and piled on the orange and pink, but grounded it with the blue jeans.

I have a huge scrap book which I used to keep track of colour and styling forms that I really like, then when I need some inspiration I can just flip through the book. These are the pages that inspired these two outfits.

Finally I couldn’t leave you without some photo’s of Alexa Chung (if you don’t know Alexa she is our Olivia), as I think her style really represents what us Brit girls are all about!

Big thanks to Andrew J for asking me to guest post on Me & Marisa,




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Karl Lagerfeld and the House of Chanel absoultely out did themselves for their Pre-Fall 2010 line. Hands down my favorite line from the season. I’ve never fallen in love with a line as much as I have this one. Everything from the set design to the color palette of the clothing (which by the way encorporated my three favorite colors HEAVILY; Black, red and gold). Sorry I didn’t get this up yesterday but I had a 103.3 degree fever and was shaking kinda uncontrollably… I feel a lot better today, though not 100%. Anyway, enjoy my favorite picks and hope you’re having a great weekend!
-Andrew J.

These three looks really rose to the top for me as favorites. There’s something very aristocratic and almost Gothic fantasy about them.

Chanel didn’t disappoint with their men’s pieces either;


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Here is the second part of the weekend. We stumbled into this really great store on Campus Corner called the Antique Garden. I’ve seen it a million times, but have never gone in until this weekend. Not only do they sell antiques, but also clothes. Found some really cool stuff for my sister from a designer named BB Dakota who apparently is from Canada. Enjoy! Hope it’s sunny where you are, all we have here are clouds and mist.
-Andrew J.

Such a classic college scene with the bikes





23552356Apparently I didn’t do the pictures the way SHE wanted… so she was giving me attitude
2367I liked her bangle though
This is my favorite statue on campus!
2380The outside of Antique Garden

2384LOVED this jacket! It reminded us of a jacket we saw in Chanel in Las Vegas over the summer

2389Such great stuff in there, check it out if you’re in Norman and haven’t already!


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And now on to part two of our special Labor Day recap presentation brought to you by my mother’s birthday and the Cherokee Pow-Wow.

I’m loving the fact this is a short week. Might head down to Dallas this weekend… But Marisa is in the dorms and my other friend who I was planning to crash with is coming up to OU for the game. So may not be able to make it to see her till 2 more weeks from now! Sad face :(. Oh well, first things first, purchases lol. Enjoy!
-Andrew J

Camel Hair Coat
First off is this great camel hair coat that fits me like it was tailored just for me, which is hard to find because I have really broad shoulders and a freakishly small waist ha, but I love it!
IMGP1733I love long-sleeve comfy soft things. So when I saw this I had to grab it, but I just realized something when I looked at the magazine cover sitting on top of the stack by my desk:
Michael Jackson GQ Cover
Okay maybe a little familiar…
I thought this present was very pretty and I got a little obsessed with it and it looks like it’s the only one I photographed from my mom’s birthday lol. I didn’t even get a picture of what I got her (two tops, one of which was leopard and I wasn’t sure she would like, but she LOVED). My mom has the pictures from the event on her camera. I’ll get a shot of what I got her and post it later.
My sister got her those pearls, and you can kiiiinda see the corner of a bright green package, but again, I was all excited about the pretty wrapping lol. Me and shiny objects.
Made her wear the ribbon as a scarf haha.
Joy and I with what I call my “White trash road trip food” aka Cheetos and Mountain Dew lol
The colors were SO amazing!
That dude in the pink was so freakin tall!
Joy styling it up with her indian accessories lol
Dude with the white face was creepy
Yummy! Indian Taco 🙂


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I finally got the pictures from Vegas that my mom and sister took after my camera died. So as promised, here are a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

-AndrewP6260002This storm grounded us for like 45 minutes in Denver… boo

P6260016Welcome to Vegas baby

P6260017P6260019P6260022P6260024P6260042I have an addiction…

P6260052P6260059P6260061P6260084Dior jewelsP6260088P6260103My sister was taking pictures in the dark… not appreciated

P6270111P6270128Caesars PalaceP6270137They tried to make me wear these on my 21st birthday night. New shirt from Nordstrom

P6280149P6280151P6280157Awful picture, but the best Michael Jackson impersonator ever



P6280235Action shot of my mom dropping my birthday cake with candles lit

P6280240P6280250P6280254This girl was the best in the whole show. She needs her own show!

P6280255P6280264P6280266P6280267My parents decided to tango outside of Paris

P6280270The girl loves her Chanel

P6280274That’s all folks! There’s more, but I’ll spare you 😉


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