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New Orleans Mardi Gras 2013

Posted in Fashion, Food, Life, Music, photography, Sightseeing with tags , , , , , , on February 17, 2013 by Me & Marisa

Andrew and I adventured into the wonderful world of Mardi Gras at none other than the heart of debauchery itself, New Orleans Bourbon Street.

Both of us are fond of the Big Easy, visiting it often sans-beads and boobies.  But the city was all good-girl-gone-bad for the week of Mardi Gras– and we kinda liked it. 🙂


I flew into Dallas from Washington, D.C. and met up with Andrew and the two of us ventured off with our NoLa-virgin friends in tow!


The calm before the storm…






Beignets all day every day!




on beads…


on beads!


So MUCH food!




And of course old-timey photos!




Lasting Impressions?

  • I saw a grown man urinate his pants in the middle of the street.
  • I stood next to two minors openly passing a joint back and forth– police within arms reach.
  • According to the Christian radicals I am absolutely going to hell for 8/10 items on their list of sins (one of which was being AT Mardi Gras).
  • I was hit in the head with a water bottle for complimenting a man about his drunken teamwork.
  • I saw many pierced nipples and that wasn’t really my thing.
  • And I was front row to a gentleman “helicoptering” his man parts for beads.

I love New Orleans.

And, you’re welcome Nola for the small chunk of change I contriubuted to the $300 million economic city surge.

…but more importantly, who’s in for MG2014?





Posted in Concert, Fashion, Life, Music, Weekend Recap with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , on September 27, 2011 by Me & Marisa

So okay I did a pretty bad job of updating during those extremely busy weeks lol. But HERE I AM!

I’ll start as close to the beginning as possible — I’m skipping my mom’s birthday weekend in Branson just because I really don’t have any pics from that trip that I took. My sister and mom have a lot, but the likelihood that I’ll ever see them is… well… slim.

So! That said, moving right along to what happened right after we came back from that trip – Back in May I bought tickets for my Dad’s birthday to go to Carlos Santana at the BOK Center in Tulsa. I had honestly all but forgotten about them until like a month before — probably why I never go to many concerts, I never have the foresight or knowledge about them before everyone is already talking about them coming to town, and all of the tickets are at that point gone.

So any who, we made it a family affair and all went and had a great night of music and a whole lot of… for lack of a better word… seat shimmying.

Michael Franti was his opening act and while I really enjoyed him, it wasn’t until his final song that I realized he was the guy who did the “Say Hey” song lol.

Santana himself was amazing! I got a few videos on my phone, which I will post… someday, and then took a ton of pics on my iPhone as well — only as for usual, all concert pictures come out looking exactly the same lol. In any case, some are posted below.  The concert ran just shy of 4 hours, and after a few “jam sessions” encroaching on 11:00 pm I was feeling my inner old-timer come out and was ready to jet. All in all though, great concert!

Up next: Chicago! and after that, NASHVILLE! So stay tuned and I’ll do my darndest to keep the blogs a little closer to each other — I saw our blog traffic dip below 100 hits/day for the first time since we started basically… not cool… gotta increase the postings :)!

-Andrew J

The Jones Kids trying to style up the concert going experience a little. Funny story though – notice the brown cords I’m wearing? Well I had planned to wear some new jeans to this concert… but of course I forgot to pack them. In fact I forgot to pack anything OTHER than shorts — luckily my Dad had just gone through his closet to give me some pants to see if I wanted them. Basically I’ve now ended up with probably 8-10 pairs of AWESOME vintage pants that happen to all reflect trends going on this year!
Michael Franti kept interacting with the audience a LOT – it was awesome, he even pulled a few people out of their chairs and had them come dance down on the floor with him. Great energy!

Okay so I’m a little proud of these two pics of Carlos Santana onstage… especially considering I was using my iPhone 3GS camera zoom lol.
This guy did the vocals for almost all of his songs, and he was REALLY, REALLY GOOD!

RANDOM Thought About Lady GaGa and Jesus Part 2

Posted in Music, Random with tags , , , , , , on May 25, 2011 by Me & Marisa

I know this probably belongs on “It Was Fate… Or Too Many Cocktails” since it’s technically “Music” but I wanted to post it here anyhow 🙂

Interesting thought for the day – while listening to Lady Gaga’s new album (yes I bought it… I know…) I couldn’t help but think; wouldn’t it be kinda hilarious if she was the second coming of Jesus? Okay, now pick yourself up off the floor and just hear my random thought;

-She went to the fringe groups (just like Jesus) and became accepted by all of them for the things she says and does. Back then it was the slaves, paupers and whores – today it’s the minority groups, gays, and whores (they stuck around haha).

-She sings/preaches about love, acceptance, freedom and being true to yourself.

-What if “Judas” isn’t being metaphoric haha.

-She has her own following of disciples (Her monsters) who work to spread her music and message.

Not trying to step on any toes here or offend anyone- I don’t think she’s Jesus, but it would be ironic considering everyone has made her out to be demonic at times yet when you break it down – she’s kinda doing the same stuff J-Christ did… Just a thought 😉

-Andrew J


Posted in Music, Random with tags , , , , , , , on March 31, 2011 by Me & Marisa

Katy Perry‘s new album cover for her single – E.T. featuring Kayne West has been added to my music library today after viewing her absolutely beautiful music video for the same song.  While listening to it (yes quite possibly on repeat), I kept thinking to myself, “God that cover/hair/makeup really looks familiar!” but I couldn’t place it– well I think I finally have– it looks like a knock off of (in my opinion) one of Coco Rocha’s most well-known photographs.

Is it just me?

Hope your week is going well!
-Andrew J


Posted in Charity, Fashion, Life, Movies, Music, Oscar Weekend with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 19, 2011 by Me & Marisa

So I guess it was three weekends ago now- yes, yes, I’m slow to post- I attended Elton John’s Oscar Party which is a HUGE fundraiser for his AIDS Charity. I was lucky enough to be invited to the event by a new business partner and went with none other than Steven Tyler and his amazing girlfriend Erin. It was a truly magical night (not to mention the entire weekend!) full of amazing people, and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Also- I got some video of Florence + The Machine performing at the event (she came and did an entire SET) including some of her and Elton performing Tiny Dancer which really completed my life!  I’ll try to get them up on Youtube and post links as well!

I hope to make it back next year, and someday soon bump myself up to the actual Oscars and the Governor’s Ball!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

-Andrew J

Inside the cocktail and later after party portion of the event tent- check out the mirrored dance floor. It gave me vertigo every time  I stepped on, but it will hold a very dear place in my heart because of a little encounter I had with none other than Vanessa Hudgens there.  Sigh- she’s pretty stunning in person, not going to lie.

This is Sean Parker who is an amazing personal trainer and fitness model in the UK. Super nice guy. P.S. he’s 6’4″!
And then- also from the UK, my friend LUCY!!! Who I have to credit for all of these pictures :). Isn’t she gorgeous? Not to mention she was rocking the heck out of that dress.

At our table inside the dinner and watch party portion of the event.

I love Erin, she is such a fascinating lady and so beautiful! On a side note- SHE is rocking HER Gucci dress like no other.  (Also, never realized till it was pointed out to me… but we look like we are related ha)

And to my left, Mr. Gale Harold from Queer as Folk. Also a very nice guy!

Finally- had to get my picture with Mr. Chase Crawford!  Such a fun night!!!


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So that’s where all of the creativity in music has gone… across the pond. How have I not really put that together until today? For some reason I killed a good deal of time on YouTube today watching music videos from music chicks from across the pond. After a full day of it I have one thing to say- They have all of the talent and true fashion sense (in music anyhow).

Today I became a Lily Allen fan– like really, I listened to The Fear probably 20 times.  Not to mention, Florence + The Machine are the ones who kicked off the whole idea for this blog post- if you haven’t checked out their music videos you need to ASAP! She is SO creative and has an amazing voice. She’s been performing for only about 3 years, but has definitely taken to it like a duck to water.
-Andrew J

Lily Allen – The Fear

Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over
Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart
Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got The Love (check the shoes)

Lily Allen – Not Fair   tell me she is not rocking this jump suit.

Florence + The Machine – Drumming Song

Ladyhawke – Magic


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So this past Friday Adam Lambert was in town and Marion asked me if I wanted to go. It was at the Coke Center here in OKC and general admission so we had to get there at like 4:30 because Marion wanted to be really close to the front. So we got decked out in our glam-rock gear and stood in the heat. It was totally worth it though because were were like 3 rows of people from the stage and she got some AMAZING pictures on her camera. Oh and we met up with (former guest blogger) Gatlin who was dressed to the nines and was totally channeling a little Lady Gaga. He was like a local celebrity though and people kept coming up to us asking for pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many pictures with strangers in my life- really fun though. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Allison Iraheta opened and was really amazing!

Glambert channeling Jim Morrison
Ring of Fire
The famous Glambert wail!

Backstage after the concert- Me and Allison Iraheta’s guitarist Liz. Check out her band BannerHill they’re awesome!

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