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So I guess it was three weekends ago now- yes, yes, I’m slow to post- I attended Elton John’s Oscar Party which is a HUGE fundraiser for his AIDS Charity. I was lucky enough to be invited to the event by a new business partner and went with none other than Steven Tyler and his amazing girlfriend Erin. It was a truly magical night (not to mention the entire weekend!) full of amazing people, and I know I will remember it for the rest of my life.

Also- I got some video of Florence + The Machine performing at the event (she came and did an entire SET) including some of her and Elton performing Tiny Dancer which really completed my life!  I’ll try to get them up on Youtube and post links as well!

I hope to make it back next year, and someday soon bump myself up to the actual Oscars and the Governor’s Ball!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!!

-Andrew J

Inside the cocktail and later after party portion of the event tent- check out the mirrored dance floor. It gave me vertigo every time  I stepped on, but it will hold a very dear place in my heart because of a little encounter I had with none other than Vanessa Hudgens there.  Sigh- she’s pretty stunning in person, not going to lie.

This is Sean Parker who is an amazing personal trainer and fitness model in the UK. Super nice guy. P.S. he’s 6’4″!
And then- also from the UK, my friend LUCY!!! Who I have to credit for all of these pictures :). Isn’t she gorgeous? Not to mention she was rocking the heck out of that dress.

At our table inside the dinner and watch party portion of the event.

I love Erin, she is such a fascinating lady and so beautiful! On a side note- SHE is rocking HER Gucci dress like no other.  (Also, never realized till it was pointed out to me… but we look like we are related ha)

And to my left, Mr. Gale Harold from Queer as Folk. Also a very nice guy!

Finally- had to get my picture with Mr. Chase Crawford!  Such a fun night!!!


An Evening In Bricktown

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Hey all, yes I know, it’s been a while– again. Honestly I’m just almost losing my mind lately- My business is really going well and I’m working at least 12 hour days so blogging has kinda taken a back seat. I mean… I still have photos from NYC a month ago that I REALLY want to get up on the site. Anywho, all this is to say- I’ll try to blog more, but if I can’t do more than like once a week, pleeeease understand why :).

Here are some pics from Sunday when I spent the evening in Bricktown in downtown OKC. Great night, great dinner, wonderful weather, live music… and then I ended it with Paranormal Activity 2 which scared the crap out of me! Hope your weekend went really well! Enjoy
-Andrew J


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A very happy birthday to both my dad and my sister! They celebrated their 59th and 25th birthday’s over the past couple days on the 16th and 17th. We celebrated as a family over the weekend by meeting up at my sister’s house in Tulsa for a lunch time cookout and celebration. We grilled steaks and mushrooms and it was an absolute feast! Also, it gave me a chance to check out some recent decorating my sister had done to her house, and I have to say… I’m really quite impressed. It looked wonderful! I really should let the pictures do the talking, but hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!
-Andrew J

I’d say she was a good girl.
It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a rat! NOOOOO it’s GIDGET!!!
I mean, come on. Tell me you don’t want to sit on her porch and have a glass of tea!
My mamma looking cute as ever and oh so stylish in her new top.
Yummmmm… it tasted even better than it looked!
The dog of my sister’s boyfriend… Duke. Or as I call him… Dukus. He’s large and in-charge!
Cake number one, German Chocolate for my dad.
And the second cake for mi hermana. Let it not be said that the Jones’s don’t do it up right!
I believe in a man’s right to choose. But when it comes to vanilla or German chocolate… I refuse to live in an “either/or” world!
Someone had a little too much cake…
She got this cute green rain jacket and floral dress and I had the idea to pair the two together. So I raided her closet, grabbed a gold coin necklace and some bomb shoes and styled her a little outfit there on the spot. She liked.
Props to her man for finding her a really unique gift. He found a local jewelry designer who makes her jewelry out of antique rosary’s. This one came from England and Czechslovakia (… yes before it was the Czech Republic)
The last gift was one my mother purchased right under her nose in Mexico and hid from her up until now. It’s from a wonderful jewelry designer in Puerto Vallarta named Cassandra Shaw.

I love Oklahoma in the spring because there are TONS of storms (I’m sure, if you’ve been watching the news, no matter what part of the country you are in you’ve heard about our recent tornado’s), but another perk of the storms… amazing sunsets!


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Okay so part 2 :). Saturday woke up a little later, slow start to the day. Then headed out to Griffith Park to do some shooting at the Observatory. Got some more great shots. After that, we went in search of food and ended up in WeHo at the Brazilian restaurant Bosa Nova. The food was absolutely AMAZING. My friend Ricky showed up towards the tail end of dinner and we ended up staying at the restaurant for something like 3 hours. We left around 8 and then headed to The Bridge Deluxe movie theater in, I believe, Culver City and saw Shutter Island (my second time). It was equally as good and in a way I’m glad I saw it twice because I caught so many thing the second time that I didn’t catch in the first viewing. It was a really, really wonderful night and despite the fact I only had about three hours of sleep before I had to get up to catch my 7 am flight out of LAX I wouldn’t have traded it for anything. Hope you are having a good day, enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Way to NOT smile Michael…
James Dean baby!
He wanted a pic where he looked like he was hanging on to a statue, I thought it looked extremely funny from the side 🙂
The most colorful Starbucks I have ever seen.
The most scandalous billboard I have ever seen… Only in Hollywood
For any of you celebrity whores, here is The Abbey where many a celebs can be spotted on any given night. Bosa Nova was right across the street.Some cheerleaders started doing stunts outside of the Abbey to get people to go check out the sports bar for their fundraiser. Only in LA.
It came an absolute downpour while we were eating and got so cold we had to move inside the restaurant
Some big boot in Houston that I liked


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This weekend I went up to Tulsa and spent some time with my Mom and sister, my dad is still in Mexico. Went and saw a couple movies; Shutter Island and Wolfman… I definitely recommend Shutter Island, Wolfman… not so much. I also spent some time at The Mayo Hotel downtown which is absolutely gorgeous! I know I’ve posted pics here before, but I still took quite a few haha. Oh! Also got some new clothing items in, a military-esque shirt from Scotch & Soda and a really nice, warm sweater from Tim Hamilton. Didn’t get any shots of the sweater, but I’ll post that soon. I’m off to go work out, sorry it took so long to get this post up. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!
-Andrew J

The lion necklace is my new favorite thing!
At time it reminded me of the Titanic, but in a good way haha.
Mmmmmm grapefruit juice mimosa’s


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This weekend was actually pretty fun. Simultaneously busy and low key.
Friday: Worked till about three, then I figured it was a lost cause and took off for the evening. Met up with my friend Tyler at his place and then went for Margaritas and Mexican food at my favorite Mexican restaurant Tarahumara’s here in Norman. Their sangria margarita swirl is just about the best thing ever, but be careful… one and you are good, two; have fun standing up… I kept it to one ;). After that watched the Olympics opening ceremonies and then a few of us ducked out to go see Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. Only it was sold out, so ended up waiting around at the movie theater for an hour and then saw Valentines Day. I figured it was appropriate. Great movie by the way, and strangely enough didn’t make me feel sad about Valentines Day ha.

The Warren Theater, iPhone pic trying to capture how foggy it was… not very successfully I might add.

Saturday: Got up to watch the Lacoste fashion show at 9:30 (really early I know), only to have it never load for me on Facebook. Bah! It was really really gorgeous that day though so I got out of the house and went and drove around, grabbed lunch, did errands, and browsed the bookstore (my favorite pasttime). I also decided to get a little creative over the weekend so I picked up a Calvin Klein suit coat and started experimenting on it… That post will be tomrrow ;).

Sunday: Ah yes, Valentines Day. Hopefully you and your loved one had a very special one! I myself, being by myself, decided to have a Valentines Day  with myself ha. And looking back on it now, it was actually a very enjoyable one. First off I watched the Calvin Klein men’s show live. Then feeling inspired again I finished off a good portion of my Calvin Klein jacket, pictured below (still have some rough edges to finish off), then I went to the store, got myself some chocolates (a rather large box actually), made myself dinner that evening, music, candles, relaxed in the tub and then ended the whole night by watching Sunset Boulevard while coming to the conclusion once again of; They just don’t make ’em like they used to. All in all, a very good day and a very good weekend. Hope yours was wonderful as well!
-Andrew J


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So I figure it’s about time I FINALLY post these pictures from New Moon on Thursday/Friday at midnight. Yes, I went to the first showing… I know, I know… it’s a sickness. But it was totally worth it and I saw it again on Friday in Dallas it was so good! Several of my friends went to the movie, but I almost ended up in a theater by myself becuase I didn’t buy my ticket with any of them… however through some clever maneuvering and shady ticket switching I made it into the theater that Marion and Dominique were in! On a Thanksgiving note, tomorrow (or today depending on when you’re reading this- Wednesday) I’m heading to Shawnee to meet up with my mom, dad and sister at my grandpa’s house. All of my mom’s side of the family is there and they always throw a huge to-do for Thanksgiving. After that, we’ll be caravanning up to Tulsa, or more correctly, Claremore, to decorate my parent’s house for Christmas. It’s a tradition we have to always do the weekend after Thanksgiving. I’ll post over the weekend, but that’s the 411 :). Happy Thanksgiving! Here are the New Moon pictures!
-Andrew J.

The line was crazy, this was not even half and it was wrapped around the building.

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