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Sayulita is this AMAZING surf town like 15 minutes north of our house in La Cruz. The day before I flew out my Mom, Julie and I all headed up there for lunch, some shopping and a to get some wonderful pictures. Here are the results of that trip, and the last of my Mexico pictures. Enjoy! It’s really hard to look at these while it’s snowing outside right now.
-Andrew J.
This town is ruled by the dogs, I would say they should film a movie here aobut it, but they shot a lot of Beverly Hills Chihuahua here
Surfers of all age flock here because there is perpetual, amazing surf.
What the typical Sayulita inhabitant looks like
The candy cart guy is my second favorite pic from the day. Soooo glad I got it in time.
I liked this guys face. He reminded me of old school Kenny Rogers or something.
This little girl is my favorite picture from the day, hands down!
This Mango Tree is the most commercial establishment in Sayulita ha.
Oh my god, Choco Banana is the best drink ever!!! Their speciality is of course named after the establishment and is completely heaven; Chocolate, banana and coffee!
My beaded bracelet my dad got me for Christmas came from here.

All photos are property of Andrew Jones and are not for public or commercial use without explicit written permission. Copyright 2010 Andrew Jones. 



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This is a short post because I’ve come home to an approaching blizzard… grand eh? So I’m trying to get stuff back to “orderly” around here and get everything prepared for the ice storm. Here are some trappings I acquired on the trip. Most came from that boutique I mentioned where I got the brown button down a couple posts ago, L.O.B., the black shirt came from another boutique in the Peninsula property (which is my favorite and where I would buy in Puerto Vallarta if I bought in a highrise).

The green shirt though, came from this GREAT place I found in Sayulita called Revolucion del Sueno. I met the designer, who is originally from Paris and is pictured below. Very cool guy, and his designs are wonderful! I will definitely be going back next time and scooping up way more than one piece. Well, hope you’re having a great week, enjoy the pics!

-Andrew J


A great light-weight sweater, it’s awesome!

Liked it so much I wore it on my big travel day back to the states ha. Awful pic though…

Here is the artist Nicolas Kerveven. The website is

This is another one of his that I thought was AWESOME!

Oh and a couple of random pictures… that is what I came for a month in… it was so tiny.

And finally, the front of our house in PV. Didn’t get any shots off of the back, but you get the idea ha.


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Today is my last full day in Puerto Vallarta :(. I know it’s been 20+ days but I really don’t feel like I’ve been here that long.

Sad day.

Anywho, since I last posted a lot has happened… and yet it’s been extremely leisurely. My Mom’s dear friend Julie came into town on Saturday and will be staying with us until I leave tomorrow. So we took her out and showed her all around PV and then have just kinda been hanging out by the pool. Before she came in though, my Mom and I went with my Dad to make a call on a new property here in Vallarta called ICON Vallarta apparently it was designed by Philippe Starck, or decorated by him, or something. In any case, it’s a very cool property.

Last night, we went to this great restaurant called Mezzogiorno (yes Italian) to have something of a “farewell dinner” for me. Mezzogiorno is without doubt, one of my favorite restaurants in the area.
I’m going to bring this post to a close because I don’t want to spend my last day doing pictures haha. Will post again once I’m back states-side!
-Andrew J

The architecture of this building is really quite amazing and you don’t really see just how amazing it is till you get right up next to it.
Yeah those big waves, about two pictures up, ended up coming INTO the restaurant where we were eating… I had my camera ready because I felt it coming… this wall of water (which sprung up like less that 5 ft in front of me) is the result. That wave swept across the floor and while everyone else had the foresight to lift up their legs, I turned to move away… bad move… the wave FILLED my shoes with water and a ton of sand. Sand that did not leave my shoes for the rest of the night… boo.
These guys started playing at 8:30 am… loudly… Looks like the guy in the back wanted to ham it up for the camera.
Oh and there was also this great festival going on in our little town where apparently they were doing an aquatic pilgrimage!
New shirt from a great botique I found here called LOB. Necklace from the same place. Got a few other items which I’ll photograph later.

I kinda like this one 🙂


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The past couple of days I’ve finally been venturing out into Vallarta and have been ducking in some of the stores and galleries. Day before yesterday, my Mom and I went into a store called Que Mona! where there were these extremely ornate purses on sale which really caught her eye. Each was a little work of art, and as we were examining them, the store employee came up to us and began explaining a little about the purses. Apparently the designer’s name is Mary Frances and she started off making these purses for her friends and family before she opened a little shop which… Oprah happened to walk into one day. The next thing you know, she’s on Oprah and a sensation in the excentric purse world. Who knew?
From there we went to this gorgeous jewelry store called Cielito Lindo great store! This bangle with the face (below) was my absolute favorite, and when I told the lady what I had the camera for, she gladly opened up the case and allowed me to photograph both it and the necklace behind it. The dog beds are from another store right next door named after the designer and owner, Cassandra Shaw, I had to get a picture because her dogs are pretty famous around Vallarta because they are used in almost ALL of her ads wearing her jewelry. It’s hilarious!

Last night we went to an art walk and real-estate property opening in Vallarta.
LOVED this red piece! But then again, red is one of my favorite colors 😉
One of the galleries we went to was called QuaDro. A sculpture of a little doll type girl (pictured later) in a rocking chair really caught my eye and I knew we had to go in. It was funky, strange and a little sarcastic. The sculptor of that piece was Sofia Crimen and several of her pieces were on display. Another artist’s work who was on the walls I really liked and as I was commenting on it, the store owner spoke up and informed us he was the artist of the paintings. They were gorgeous and he gave us the back story on a couple pieces which is always really insightful and gives a whole new depth to pieces! The artist’s name is Alfonso Pena and his galleries (if you make it to PV) is at Aldama 162, Centro & Olas Altas 509, Zona Romantica

Another gorgeous day in paradise and TGIF! Have a great weekend everyone!!!
-Andrew J


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I’ve taken a TON of photos… like literally well over a thousand and probably closer to two since I’ve been on my trip. So in the name of saving time and digital space ha, I wanted to share a few of my favorite photo’s with you guys from portions of the trip you haven’t seen yet. Hope you’re having a great day!
-Andrew J

This one I loved becuase I got it right when the water came so close to this sand bank like 3 ft from our table that it splashed up and I got the splash in the frame ha

My absolute favorite

All photos are property of Andrew Jones and are not for public or commercial use without explicit written permission


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Today; Lagos de Moreno. Night and day different from Zacatecas, but still a very cool city. Lots of beautiful cathedrals, architecture and colors that felt like they belonged in the Carribean. I have more from my day here, but you know I don’t like to make these posts too long so I’ll continue with more later. Hope you’re having a great week!
P.S. I think I’m finally getting this stomach bug turned around!!!
-Andrew J.
Another one of those funny cactus plants. There were entire forests of these things, it was crazy!
Some big plateau that I thought was interesting…

Our hotel was directly under the cathedral

Such rich colors. Love this photo.

These pictures don’t even do the place justice!

I just realized I had a little bit of leftover salsa on the corner of my mouth ha…

When I saw this I was like… perfect! The colors of the trust just really matched the house perfectly. And something about the continuation of the lines I really love 🙂


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Hey guys, okay so here is the second part of the scenery shots from Zacatecas. I promise I’ll upload the street style pics too, but forgive me… I really, really need to do a non-Mexico related post next haha. I’m missing my more traditional fashion posts ha. So here are these pics, and for those of you missing your tid-bits of Me & Marisa fashion talk, it’ll be back tomorrow :)!
-Andrew J


We had tamales for breakfast, at first I was skeptical… and then I had one. Wow! I may never go back to cereal again!
The Mexican people certainly do love their sweets, even their regular bread has sugar in it ha. This bakery really made me feel like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory though. T’was great!

The rest of these pictures came from the Museo Rafael Corinel, which is an old abby that was absolutely gorgeous. When I walked in I felt like I had transported to some insanely gorgeous and tranquil world. I got a lot of pictures, but these are just a few of my favorites that I felt captured the vibe of the location.

Goodbye Zacatecas! I have no doubt I will be returning to see you again very, very soon!

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