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So while browsing on Dazed Digital today, I saw that they had recaps up from the Japan, Montreal and Toronto fashion weeks. Below are some of my favorite looks. The Japanese really know how to push the envelope in all the right ways. Take notes, vibrant colors are back… and not in a tacky dated way.
-Andrew J.


166507166471 copy166483

167721Loved this dress!



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This weekend was very enjoyable! The weather was just starting to cool off and the majority of the weekend was sunny and in the 70’s with a light breeze. Absolutely perfect and I don’t think I could have been outside any more than I was. Went out with friends on Friday and had some really great sushi and then drinks at The Mont. Saturday I took my mom’s dog, whom I am babysitting, to the park and we just took in the sun and had a really great time! Sunday was filled with working on my campaigns capstone, but I can happily say that it went off well when we presented it at 8:00 a.m. this morning! On to the pictures, hope you had a great weekend as well! Enjoy!
-Andrew J.

Yes, it was windy lol.
IMGP2068_copyOU StadiumIMGP2049IMGP2048IMGP2044IMGP2040

Okay so I got a little carried away with the nature shots…
And the geese…
IMGP2115 copy
Nap time!


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This Saturday I went to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art for those of you unfamiliar) for my very first time. It was a really gorgeous day and perfect for the museum. Started off touring the gardens outside which were perfect for taking pictures and then moved inside and started on the 4th floor and worked down. Really fun afternoon and I plan on going back before long. That was basically the highlight of my weekend. The rest of it I spent just chilling with myself, which actually suited me just fine. I needed to R&R time.

P1010524P1010514 copyP1010515 copyP1010516 copyP1010518 copyP1010519 copyP1010520P1010521P1010522I want this to be my couch
P1010525P1010527 copy P1010528P1010529 copyP1010532Required sustenance
 P1010535This guy was doing Japanese music live really cool
P1010537 copyPrettiest little vase ever, and SO tiny
 P1010538P1010539 copyP1010540Frederic Bazille: Portrait of Paul Verlaine As A Troubadour 1868P1010541Sir Thomas Lawrence: Portrait of Mrs. Seymour Bathurst 1828


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I know I already posted like 2 hours ago or whatever, but I just downloaded the new Shakira single “She-Wolf” (or Spanish version, Loba) despite the awful :30 clip on Itunes… and wow, she’s still got it. I haven’t really talked about my love for all things latin, but Shakira is definitely one of my amore’s (Okay… I never said I speak Spanish…). I think she is one of the very best lyricists out there without question so the new song kinda had me worried in the beginning. But download it. It is a departure from what we’re used to hearing from her, but she’s always been a risk taker. After a couple listens you won’t be able to get it out of your head. Currently eating Japanese noodles (which I did a bomb job of cooking), drinking wine and listening to Spanish guitar. All in all, a nice Saturday evening. Was supposed to see Marisa, but she hasn’t returned my text. Boo to her.


Careful attention to the shoes… look kinda familiar no?
New scarab necklace I got today at the Dallas Museum of Art. Lady at Central Market already commented on how much she loved it while I was getting wine

I’ll do pics from the DMA in the weekend recap Monday. Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Oh and alost forgot… ordered my new camera!!!


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For some reason I’ve rekindled a major love affair with all things Japanese. I think it all probably started the first time I watched Lost In Translation back in 2003 and decided to try to take up Japanese (which I did learn how to say a few things in), but it has probably been rekindled because Jane Aldridge, of Sea of Shoes, and her mother just went to Japan that I find myself once again a connoisseur of all things Japanese.

This weekend I’ve been listening to Tokyo by Telekinesis non-stop, have watched my beloved Lost In Translation, just went to the grocery store and stocked up on Japanese food, been exploring Japanese minimalism, Anthony Bourdain went to Tokyo so of course I watched, and now I’m absorbing all kinds of Japanese street style because I’m convinced that they are the ones who take looks from the runway to the street the best. Here are a few of my favorite street styles I’ve been observing via the site Style-Arena. Enjoy, and bring on the Cherry Blossoms!


 Premier 2Premier copy

Premier 3A favorite for surePremier Shoes

Shibuya 3
I think this girl looks like a Japanese version of Miley Cyrus
Shibuya Shoes 2
Shibuya 2

Shibua Shoes

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