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So okay I did a pretty bad job of updating during those extremely busy weeks lol. But HERE I AM!

I’ll start as close to the beginning as possible — I’m skipping my mom’s birthday weekend in Branson just because I really don’t have any pics from that trip that I took. My sister and mom have a lot, but the likelihood that I’ll ever see them is… well… slim.

So! That said, moving right along to what happened right after we came back from that trip – Back in May I bought tickets for my Dad’s birthday to go to Carlos Santana at the BOK Center in Tulsa. I had honestly all but forgotten about them until like a month before — probably why I never go to many concerts, I never have the foresight or knowledge about them before everyone is already talking about them coming to town, and all of the tickets are at that point gone.

So any who, we made it a family affair and all went and had a great night of music and a whole lot of… for lack of a better word… seat shimmying.

Michael Franti was his opening act and while I really enjoyed him, it wasn’t until his final song that I realized he was the guy who did the “Say Hey” song lol.

Santana himself was amazing! I got a few videos on my phone, which I will post… someday, and then took a ton of pics on my iPhone as well — only as for usual, all concert pictures come out looking exactly the same lol. In any case, some are posted below.  The concert ran just shy of 4 hours, and after a few “jam sessions” encroaching on 11:00 pm I was feeling my inner old-timer come out and was ready to jet. All in all though, great concert!

Up next: Chicago! and after that, NASHVILLE! So stay tuned and I’ll do my darndest to keep the blogs a little closer to each other — I saw our blog traffic dip below 100 hits/day for the first time since we started basically… not cool… gotta increase the postings :)!

-Andrew J

The Jones Kids trying to style up the concert going experience a little. Funny story though – notice the brown cords I’m wearing? Well I had planned to wear some new jeans to this concert… but of course I forgot to pack them. In fact I forgot to pack anything OTHER than shorts — luckily my Dad had just gone through his closet to give me some pants to see if I wanted them. Basically I’ve now ended up with probably 8-10 pairs of AWESOME vintage pants that happen to all reflect trends going on this year!
Michael Franti kept interacting with the audience a LOT – it was awesome, he even pulled a few people out of their chairs and had them come dance down on the floor with him. Great energy!

Okay so I’m a little proud of these two pics of Carlos Santana onstage… especially considering I was using my iPhone 3GS camera zoom lol.
This guy did the vocals for almost all of his songs, and he was REALLY, REALLY GOOD!



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So this past Friday Adam Lambert was in town and Marion asked me if I wanted to go. It was at the Coke Center here in OKC and general admission so we had to get there at like 4:30 because Marion wanted to be really close to the front. So we got decked out in our glam-rock gear and stood in the heat. It was totally worth it though because were were like 3 rows of people from the stage and she got some AMAZING pictures on her camera. Oh and we met up with (former guest blogger) Gatlin who was dressed to the nines and was totally channeling a little Lady Gaga. He was like a local celebrity though and people kept coming up to us asking for pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many pictures with strangers in my life- really fun though. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Allison Iraheta opened and was really amazing!

Glambert channeling Jim Morrison
Ring of Fire
The famous Glambert wail!

Backstage after the concert- Me and Allison Iraheta’s guitarist Liz. Check out her band BannerHill they’re awesome!


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Not much to say about this. I think it was the third year for the fest, but my first to attend. Didn’t stay an incredibly long time, but there was rich material for photos. So I’ll let them do the talking. Hope you are having a great week :)!
-Andrew J

Clothes from Dallas. LOVE my new shorts 🙂
My favorite resident Norman rockstar- Jacob Abello
The mainstage, these guys were… … … Oh I dont’ know who they are.
I thought it was funny, these three friends were wearing almost the exact same hats.
I swear, everyone was wearing a headband!
I think some of the medieval fair crowd got mixed in
My favorite picture! I hope (wearing sparkles and a boa) she was a performer, but who knows haha.
This guy was like 6’6 at least!
Z Z Tops is that you?


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As the title would suggest, this weekend was spent in Dallas for the Chelsea Handler show; however, I will start with Friday. On Friday Tyler 1, Tyler 2, Jonathan and myself all met up for lunch for our little tradition at Tarahumara’s Mexican restaurant. Two swirls and three green enchiladas later, I got the wonderful notion that we should go play laser tag again (see post from last weekend… I think). So we killed time till about 4 in the afternoon and then proceeded to burn off our entire lunch while getting our butts handed to us by about 17 little 12 year-olds. I ranked 5th on the first game (surprisingly), and then the second game we played it was just the four of us. SO much fun, and I am proud to say… First place baby! Boooyah! We rounded out Friday with some R&R at the hot tub where we ran into a few people we met a couple weeks ago, but, alas, our late lunch and skipping dinner caught up to us so we had to make an 11:00 pm run to Buffalo Wild Wings before calling it a night.

Saturday began at 6:30 in the morning because I was just not in the mood to pack for Dallas Friday night. We all met up at Tyler’s house around 8 and then immediately went to Starbucks before hitting the road.  The day was spent shopping at Northpark and eating (which honestly, what else should you do in Dallas?). I made it out with a couple new shirts, a pair of shorts I’m in love with, and of course some new sunglasses. All of that shopping worked up a bit of an appetite for something sweet though, so we ended our Northpark extravaganza at La Duni where I partook in a lemon meringue cupcake. After that we went and checked into our loooovely hotel, napped, got dressed, took a couple of shots (which only made sense considering who we were seeing), and then headed to Chelsea Handler. She was absolutely hysterical and I’m so glad I went. Such a fun night. This is really just part one of the weekend recap, but hope you all had a great weekend as well!
-Andrew J

It was like one of those real bobble-head dogs!
This is where we thought Chelsea Handler was going to be when we went to go get Tyler and Jonathan’s tickets from will call…
…But then we realized that the crowd of people probably didn’t really go with Miss Handler… and sure enough, we were in the wrong place.
Northpark; Home sweet home.
As if Urban Outfitters knew Chelsea was in town.
‘Da boys in the Northpark “fishtank” at the food court.
Lol Tyler kept taking candid shots that I didn’t know about till just now putting this post together :). I like.
A little tipsy maybe… but you can say it… we look goooood
Don’t be confused if your tickets say the Nokia Theater… they mean Verizon.

 Ending on a good foot. Because they wouldn’t let me take my camera in 😦


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 This weekend I’m headed to Dallas for the Chelsea Handler show… so of course while I’m down there, I figure I’ll do a little damage and FINALLY update my spring/summer wardrobe. I just haven’t been able to shop much lately so I’m really looking forward to it. Stoked to get back to my favorite stores down there, but in the mean time I decided to browse Urban Outfitters online to see if anything jumped out at me. I always seem to go in there with a list and walk out with completely different things. Oh well, hope your week is going well!
-Andrew J

Shades Of Greige Short-Sleeved Double Layer V-Neck
OBEY Rising Sweater
Matte Watch Sunglasses
Just Did It Tee
Deadstock Slope Aviator
Deadstock 300 Aviator
Charles half Short Sleeve Seeded Scoop Henley
BDG Striped Breezy Button Down (Although those shorts are pretty bomb too, not going to lie)
BDG Resin Crunch Skinny Jean


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Continuing on with the SXSW recap. Some of my favorite bands I heard while I was there were; The Woodsmen, Memory Tapes, Neon Indians, and definitely She & Him!!! Just going to do pics and comment along the way haha. Hope you’re having a great week, I’m SO glad it’s finally spring. I slept with my window open for the first time in 2010 and the fresh air was so great!
-Andrew J

Neon Indians
Jen and I at the unofficial Oklahoma SXSW party ha
Jacob Abello
Crystal Method at Vice
This was like the worst wreck I’ve ever seen, the car ramped the other car… and then they both kept driving.
Kebabs at Kebabalicious 3 in the morning haha. And these girls were awesome!
The only wardrobe shot I took the whole SXSW
From the left; Jahn, Cody, Tyler, Charles, Me  at She & Him

She (and Him for that matter) were great! And she was such a trooper becasue she went on without a sound check and instead of making us wait in the cold she said “Never mind, it’s fine, I’ll just belt it.”After She & Him, Tyler and I went to Aussie’s and had a burger and heard these guys. I forget their names though ha.


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Wow! That’s the entire past four days of SXSW summed up into one word. Friday-Saturday I think was perhaps the most jam packed 24 hour period of my entire life and dang was it ever fun!  I got to Austin Thursday around 5:30 pm or so after a 6 hour drive that turned into 7 1/2 after traffic. I got off of the highway and rolled onto 6th Street only to have my brakes on my car complete cut out and to rear-end the car infront of me! Luckily I had slowed down enough that there was no real damage or anything, but jesus let me tell ya, you get your blood pumping when you find yourself surrounded by drunk and high hipsters darting out into traffic when you have no brakes on your car haha. Two hours later AAA arrived to save me and about $1,100 and two days later I got my car back. But that means the whole weekend I spent at the mercy of rides I could find and at one time a bus… But I think this was for the best as it forced me to get out and do a lot of things.

I’m typing this right now Sunday night where I just got home around three and took a little nap till about seven because I was operating on one hour of sleep… A move I don’t recommend for long drives haha. I still feel a little like death, and therefore I’m going to let the pictures do the talking so I don’t ramble and sound stupid :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and for those of you who it applies to, Spring Break!
-Andrew J

My poor little car being taken away
Savannah and I went to Threadgill’s where Janis Joplin was discovered… and the chicken fried steak was amazing! I see why they call it world famous!I had to get a picture of the raccoon tail hat this girl was rocking
This girl was part of the band Eternal Summer (I believe was their name), the first band I heard at SXSW and part of the catalogue of bands at Gorilla vs. Bear
The Bitters from Canada
The Woodsmen were awesome!

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