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Black and White Makes Everything Better.

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A very brief collection of recent photographs I’ve taken for my photography class… and some for fun.

and my new gorgeous horse, Montenegro or “Oscar”… Oscar de La Renta of course ..



We’re sort of photo students…

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Into the last stretch of classes this quarter which means we are finally beginning our final projects! 🙂

Our photo professor gave the class free range for the next four classes. All we do is check in for attendance and out we go to “take photos”.  Brooke and I rewarded our 4.0 grade averages with a little Cheesecake Factory 🙂

We justified it by taking some shots.

Not alcoholic. Photographic.

However the latter is not a bad idea at all. I had a J.W.’s Pink Lemonade. Delicious.

Tons of posts coming through the pipeline along with some exciting new adventures in store.

I want to publicly congratulate my counterpart on his new accounts for New Media Fluent. Andrew and I will hopefully be collaborating on some upcoming events at the Gaylord National Harbor for their ICE Festival. I highly recommend anyone on the east coast to check that shiz out. Phenomenal Ice “wonderland” of sorts. Its hard to explain, but I will keep you posted as work progresses.



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So as you can obviously see I have taken quite a break from blogging. No, no, it’s not you, it’s me. 😉

I moved back to Virginia/DC in December 2009 and transferred to Art Institute of Washington.

This has been my fourth collegiate change. 1) Germanna Community College for 11th&12th grade, University of Mary Washington for Freshman and Sophomore year, University of Dallas for a Junior Semester, and now AIW for, hopefully, the rest of my undergrad.

I’ve been very busy with school. Transferring from a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration to a Bachelors of Art in Advertising has been a very fun, but very demanding task. In conjunction with that entire academic change, I have been commuting for over two hours in order to get to school. Waking at 4, leaving house by 5, getting to school by 730 has been tolling… needless to say by the time I arrive home at 7:30 I am knackered.

Additionally, I have been horse showing about every other weekend. Which has been great for filling up the additional portions of my time.

My boyfriend of approximately 6 years now has the prefix ‘ex’. His doing, not mine. In 2007 I killed our relationship after consuming too many beverages and making an awful decision. We thought we could work through it, but alas the “” card continued to get played every time we were “fighting”. Pathetically, I find that fair. In February I initiated a 4 week break. On day 28 he texted me and said he liked being apart. I’m shattered but it’s whatever. The whole “90 days to break a habit” isn’t working in this situation. Rebounding seems to be the only option, however, when I’m out I end up telling people I’m unavailable. Someone punch me in the face.

Below are some photos of proof that I have been “doing things”. I hope to update a lot more often now as some form of rehabilitation.



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Not much to say about this. I think it was the third year for the fest, but my first to attend. Didn’t stay an incredibly long time, but there was rich material for photos. So I’ll let them do the talking. Hope you are having a great week :)!
-Andrew J

Clothes from Dallas. LOVE my new shorts 🙂
My favorite resident Norman rockstar- Jacob Abello
The mainstage, these guys were… … … Oh I dont’ know who they are.
I thought it was funny, these three friends were wearing almost the exact same hats.
I swear, everyone was wearing a headband!
I think some of the medieval fair crowd got mixed in
My favorite picture! I hope (wearing sparkles and a boa) she was a performer, but who knows haha.
This guy was like 6’6 at least!
Z Z Tops is that you?


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Sorry for the delay in today’s post, I normally try to get them out early in the morning on Monday’s, but my business has REALLY been picking up and it’s been hard to get these posts done early. Anywho, this weekend was a very good one! Friday went to a party, not much to report there. Saturday night I went and saw How To Train Your Dragon, which is such a feel good movie you have to go see it if you haven’t already! But among the good food, and the good company, Sunday was the real gem of the weekend… I went to the medieval fair! Norman always has a yearly medieval fair and I’ve gone to the last two… possibly three, I can’t remember ha. This year certainly didn’t disappoint and all told I spent about 3 1/2 – 4 hours walking around taking in all of the sights and people. Good fun :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pics from the fair!
-Andrew J

There was a wedding going on and these people made a sword bridge when they finished. Pretty cool not gonna lie.
And why wouldn’t the dogs have wings?
This guy was just a little too much…
She made my day haha.
Standing in line for home brewed root-beer
Couldn’t pass up a pic with the master wizard!
Ye old mead and apple tart!
Poor dog :(. It reminded me of Alice though ha.

This dryad was kind enough to put down her cellphone for a picture haha.


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I was extremely pleased and surprised by this month’s (April 2010) issue of Gentlemen’s Quarterly. I can’t remember the last time I flipped through their mag and got so many useful tid-bits from it. Maybe it’s just becuase I’m very much on the spring-bandwagon, or maybe they really stepped up their game on this issue. In any case, I’ve included a few iPhone (excuse the quality) pics of my favorite things from the issue. Enjoy, and hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
-Andrew J

Hands down my favorite pick from the issue- The Lands End Canvas grey chambray shirt. I already ordered mine this morning ha. I mean come on, it’s $60 for this awesome shirt!

I already have a pair of desert boots, but these Calvin Klein Desert Boots kinda rock. And most people just don’t know how comfortable desert boots really are! (I happen to be wearing mine today)

This piece they did over an “updated college freshman look”. I think many should look to it for inspiration. Please take special notice when they say to throw out the sweat pants in favor of these khaki’s.

Speaking of khaki’s. I’m going to be picking up a pair of these these slim-fitting khaki’s from Gap ASAP. Classic certainly seems to be a big thing for spring… then again, when isn’t it?

Priciest clothing pick from the issue, this Marc by Marc Jacobs polo which goes for $150.

Okay maybe I lied, I’m sure the Lacoste blazer is more than $150, but without a price included… who knows :)? I really need to update my Lacoste polo’s, but I miss the small croc, I don’t like this new big one.

I want to get either the Bulova watch or the Michael Kors one… which do you think?


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COkay so one more quickie post before I start my looooong drive to Austin. Yesterday was the first St. Patrick’s Day I actually have ever done anything for and for some reason I really got into it haha. I made sure to not leave the house without rocking my green Mexican biker shirt from Sayulita and my green and suede Lacoste hightops. Lunch at O’Connell’s Irish Pub seemed like the only place to be to celebrate the holiday and come 12:30 I was greeted with people who seemed as though they had already been drinking the green beer for a while haha. Well if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em I guess. The “Irish” beer wasn’t very tasty, and had this weird after taste that made me wonder if that’s what drinking food coloring tasted like. In any case, it was fun, on to the pictures because I’m out the door :)! Will hopefully post Saturday from the festival!
-Andrew J

This girl had awesome shoes! But they were hard to get a good shot of because she was so far away.The not so tasty beverage itself
Oh and for some reason there were camera EVERYWHERE on Campus Corner… like seriously saw four film crews.

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