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There is no place in the world that is quite like Venice – in my opinion it is one of the crowning jewels of Europe and while it has had a lot of “changes” and “upgrades” I still feel that the city as a whole has stayed true to its heritage and upon setting foot in the city, you are immediately transported to a place you feel you’ve only ever seen in a dream… or a movie at best.

Unfortunately I was only in Venice for a few hours – we got in from Prague at 5 in the morning, slept until 9 and then headed out to meet up with some friends before catching a cruise to Greece leaving at 2:00 pm.

I tried to make up in quality what I lacked in time – so enjoy the pictures!

-Andrew J

I was SO sure this was the Basilica … nope… sure wasn’t.

And I thought this was the Rialto … wrong again.

It’s really not fair how beautiful Venice is. Like – at all.

And I’m 99% sure the light is prettier there as well.

What’s a trip to Venice without spotting a gondola?

It was pretty cool to sail out of Venice on the cruise because I got some fantastic elevated shots from the water I would not have been able to get otherwise.

Does it make me a little OCD that all I’m noticing is that my camera lens is a little dirty here?

There’s Tyler!

Oh just another beautiful structure on a beautiful island in Venice.  Reminds me of The Tourist!

No idea what was happening here, but it was PACKED!

One of my favorite shots of the day.

The houses out on the islands were absolutely humongous!

Okay – that does it – going back now!



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While berating myself over the fact that I have not updated since before Christmas – I was going through some old blogs and had a VERY troubling revelation… I NEVER POSTED PHOTOS FROM EUROPE!!!

So here is the first installment, of the first location (if you followed the Youtube channel, it will be fun to put photos with the video!) – PARIS!

Enjoy the photos – the really is nothing like Paris in the Spring.

-Andrew J.

What is Paris without their tulips?

Lovers under the Eiffel TowerRecreating a VERY old picture from when I was like 16 in Paris with Angelique… do not judge my fashion sense… I was packing for speed not style.The three amigos of Paris!View of the Eiffel Tower from a fantastic grassy knoll where Tyler, Angelique and I enjoyed hotdogs made with french baguette and spicy mustard!The Sacre CoeurWho is that stylish French girl anyhow? Oh, I know – Angelique!
Finally, a very stylish French man – which if you cannot find one in the 16th arrondissement – they simply do not exist.


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The Art Institute of Chicago was absolutely AMAZING! I’ve been to museums before, but perhaps it’s because I’m a little older now – whatever the reason, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the works that I have only seen in pictures and on TV before and I have to say, contrary to when you meet a celebrity in person; I was not let down in the least!

Here are some photos of my favorite works at the museum.

Hope you had a great weekend!

-Andrew J

Claude Monet, Lily Pond
American GothicA Sunday on La Grande Jatte, George Seurat
I don’t know the name, but I liked it!And this guy was MASSIVE! This was taken from a very high second story – I got a photo with my mom standing next to him… she didn’t even come up to this knee.No idea who the designer of these furniture pieces – but I LOVED them! And this – again, no idea on the artist, but this was one of my favorite works in the whole museumVan Gogh Self-PortraitVan Gogh BedroomThe Picture of Dorian Gray, Ivan AlbrightThe Old Guitarist, Pablo PicassoSalvado Dali, Vision of EternitySalvador Dali, Inventions of MonstersAnd perhaps the painting I was the most looking forward to Nighthawks

Black and White Makes Everything Better.

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A very brief collection of recent photographs I’ve taken for my photography class… and some for fun.

and my new gorgeous horse, Montenegro or “Oscar”… Oscar de La Renta of course ..



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I completely missed a HUGE landmark for Me & Marisa back in June… Our 1-Year Anniversary of the blog!!! I can’t believe I missed it! I realized it a few days ago, but didn’t want to rush a post together. I wanted to take some time and go through the posts from a year ago and put together a post of some of my favorite photos and memories. This post is a huge homage to Dallas 2009, when Me and Marisa met working at The Richards Group as well as all of the people that made that summer. Such an amazing time and it will stay with me forever :). Looking back at these photos makes me miss Marisa sooooooo much! We’ll be having a rendezvous in September for Fashion Week, but it isn’t soon enough! Enjoy this walk down memory lane, kicking it off with the very first post Marisa and I ever did:

Hey guys what’s up? Welcome to the blog.

I’m Andrew Jones (the ‘Me’ in Me & Marisa). I’m a 21 year old ad student at The University of Oklahoma. About a year ago I started a fashion, lifestyle and culture magazine targeted at college students called Fashionably Late.
So that should give you some idea of what this blog will be about; a little fashion, a little bit on trends, food, culture, you get the idea.

Enjoy the blog!


I’m Marisa.

I’m not nearly as interesting as Andrew.

I live in Dallas and go to the University of Dallas.  

I have an obsession with blazers, sunglasses and vegan cuisine.

 I’m always up for an adventure, especially if it involves the Trifecta: touchable architecture, beautiful food, and intelligent company.  

I love the finer things in life and have been raised to enjoy them–and I’m a great sharer. 

I’m sarcastic to a fault– but it has yet to get me a black eye.


-Andrew & Marisa

Me & Marisa
The Me & Marisa avatar pic at Bliss!
Marisa's Taco's
Our first food porn pics on the blog!
Laura Lizzle’s birthday!
My first introduction to Red Mango, and my first “self-swirl” at Red Mango HQ!
Marisa’s ah-mazing Jeffrey Campbell shoes- Above, and below!
21st birthday at Bellagio in Vegas!
At midnight haha.
Our black jack dealer… this was like 3 days after Michael Jackson died :/.  
My favorite dish from Bangkok City!  
Pics from one of my favorite posts ever; Inter-Office Fashion
I think my favorite picture of Marisa and I… It was right after we had Assembly Dallas “Shut down” for us 🙂
So cute :)!
My old dog Windsor 😦
La Duni cupcakes at Northpark
The day Marisa got her second tattoo… and it messed up haha! Sorry… SO not funny 😉

Midnight showing of Harry Potter 5
Art event at the W Dallas
Goodbye intern dinner.
Picture 1
I think maybe my favorite pic I’ve ever taken of Marisa.
REALLY bad wine and Captain Crunch to try to improve the flavor… epic fail.
We’ll be seein y’all soon ya-hear!


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First off, I’m doing this post while watching the Isner v Mahut Wimbledon match and can I just say… EPIC!  On to the post.
Sunday my Mom was driving to my house from Shawnee when she stumbled on a place she hasn’t been since she was a little girl. She called me and told me to be ready to walk out the door by the time she drove up. I knew from the sound of her voice it was going to be good. So, off we went to do a little local Oklahoma sightseeing! The location was a famous architectural landmark called The Bavinger House and needless to say, it was amazing! It was designed by Bruce Goff and built by two artists, a painter and a sculptor. The house is truly what an artist’s imagination come to life looks like and if you ever get the chance to visit, it will be the best $10 you’ve ever spent! Also, I love that it is maintained by the family. The grandson sells tickets and the son gives the tours. They still live on the property, though not in the house. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

The house is supported by these cables and is built around a single pole in the center of the house.The grandson
Oh! Also, the grounds surrounding are filled with bamboo which was started from 4 different kinds in 1982 and it just really took off. I felt like I was in Asia it was so dense!
This is where I said they kept bad children haha. It was a door into a rock.
We dubbed this bridge the Bridge to Terabithia. And come to find out is part of what keeps the house standing.These statues in the bamboo forest are called The Carolers

The house is impossible to describe! But when you first enter… the living room is floating above the ground and the majority of the rooms in the house are suspendedin the air. It was incredible!
All constructed from rock mined on the site.
This is a view I want from my house.
The glass rock is placed throughout the house and when the sun comes through, they act like lamps.
Yup, that’s a pond in the middle of the house.
The circular structures are closets
Good place to take pictures. And the dining room table rotates like a Lazy Susan
There is the post the house is built around
She was the sculptor, and he the painter. Both of their work is everywhere in the house.

Gorgeous front door

This was their son/our tour guide.
Ending on possibly my best picture of my mother ever. No editing. It was just perfect. So Zen


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Well it was a very green weekend for me. I spent the majority (like almost all of it) going to and from Lowe’s visiting their garden center because my mom was down and she was determined to help me build a garden in my backyard. Yesterday, we also visited this really awesome architectural house that I’ll post tomorrow, but this weekend recap is all about the flowers… and going to Shawnee yesterday to see my grandpa for Father’s Day ha. Hope you had a good weekend as well!!!
-Andrew J

Got these
And these… they are my favorite!  (Phlox)
Wanted to get these.
And these lily’s
The stone to build my planter
We were gardening by lamplight… classy right? Haha
Isn’t it pretty :)!?

I realy like my Olieander (sp?) as well! Thanks Mom!
Black Betty wanted to vamp for the camera

And this was SOO cool! It was an antique thermostat. Fully equipped with a clock haha.

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