RANDOM Thought About Lady GaGa and Jesus Part 2

I know this probably belongs on “It Was Fate… Or Too Many Cocktails” since it’s technically “Music” but I wanted to post it here anyhow 🙂

Interesting thought for the day – while listening to Lady Gaga’s new album (yes I bought it… I know…) I couldn’t help but think; wouldn’t it be kinda hilarious if she was the second coming of Jesus? Okay, now pick yourself up off the floor and just hear my random thought;

-She went to the fringe groups (just like Jesus) and became accepted by all of them for the things she says and does. Back then it was the slaves, paupers and whores – today it’s the minority groups, gays, and whores (they stuck around haha).

-She sings/preaches about love, acceptance, freedom and being true to yourself.

-What if “Judas” isn’t being metaphoric haha.

-She has her own following of disciples (Her monsters) who work to spread her music and message.

Not trying to step on any toes here or offend anyone- I don’t think she’s Jesus, but it would be ironic considering everyone has made her out to be demonic at times yet when you break it down – she’s kinda doing the same stuff J-Christ did… Just a thought 😉

-Andrew J


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