The men’s collections, which showcased the trends and designs for Fall 2011, proved to be heavily influenced by the 1960s. Designers took references from artistic movements, musicals, and the overall attitude of the decade. Get ready to wear loud prints and rich colors as you embrace your inner artist. (Cue the Bob Fosse music)


Take Andy Warhol’s flair for pop culture and add dash of West Side Story and you have the D&G fall collection. Stefano and Domenico take literal references to Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola and display them on colors of burnt orange, yellow, and rich cranberry. Statement pieces aren’t just for the girls anymore.


Christopher Bailey also took a cue from 1960s culture and infused his collection with loud pops of color. Burberry is known for their coats and this fall, let your coat do all the talking, as you are sure to attract attention in one of Burberry’s colorful creations.


The art deco movement (which saw a resurgence in the 1960s) makes a statement on any architectural landscape yet Prada subdues this trend for fall. Sweaters and coats are designed with art deco lines but are muted on soft colors and fabrics like leather and suede.


The mod trend takes shape in fantastic prints Versace emblazoned on sweaters. Not one to shy away from lavish attention, Versace creates a mod man who looks comfortable in a club as well as in front of a canvas. Embrace your artistic intuition with these designs.

This post is brought to Me & Marisa by Nicolas B.

2 Responses to “MEN’S FALL WINTER 2011 | ART CULTURE”

  1. sprawlingshade Says:

    If they’re taking cues from even-numbered decades like it seems, then it won’t be long till we hit the jazz age!

  2. LOVE the Coca Cola hoodie! A fan of the Versace gray squares sweater.

    (If we hit the Jazz Age, I will be one happy girl!)

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