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Just a short post- last weekend I went to Dallas with Tyler, Dominique and her sister to go have one last hurrah and a little shopping before we watched Tyler leave us all for France, and also to get my tux for LA this weekend.  I didn’t have my camera- so I had to rely on point and shoots (please, hold your gasps of disapproval). Dominique and her sisters I must say are some of the best dressed girls- their style really is genetic too as they all always look great :).

Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

My new Boss Black Tux from Nordstrom.

Dominique all set and ready to go to Northpark

But Dobbie was not to be shown up, rocking an awesome shoulder padded jacket from BCBG

Post shopping, getting ready to head out for a bit in Uptown (Ah, memories of my Dallas past.). Dominique rocking her version of the BCBG Jacket

And finally, Dobbie and her boyfriend (and a new dress she got that day from Armani Exchange).

There you have it, short but sweet 🙂



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The men’s collections, which showcased the trends and designs for Fall 2011, proved to be heavily influenced by the 1960s. Designers took references from artistic movements, musicals, and the overall attitude of the decade. Get ready to wear loud prints and rich colors as you embrace your inner artist. (Cue the Bob Fosse music)


Take Andy Warhol’s flair for pop culture and add dash of West Side Story and you have the D&G fall collection. Stefano and Domenico take literal references to Mickey Mouse and Coca-Cola and display them on colors of burnt orange, yellow, and rich cranberry. Statement pieces aren’t just for the girls anymore.


Christopher Bailey also took a cue from 1960s culture and infused his collection with loud pops of color. Burberry is known for their coats and this fall, let your coat do all the talking, as you are sure to attract attention in one of Burberry’s colorful creations.


The art deco movement (which saw a resurgence in the 1960s) makes a statement on any architectural landscape yet Prada subdues this trend for fall. Sweaters and coats are designed with art deco lines but are muted on soft colors and fabrics like leather and suede.


The mod trend takes shape in fantastic prints Versace emblazoned on sweaters. Not one to shy away from lavish attention, Versace creates a mod man who looks comfortable in a club as well as in front of a canvas. Embrace your artistic intuition with these designs.

This post is brought to Me & Marisa by Nicolas B.

Snowpocalypse 2011

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Snow, snow, snow- like so many people in the country over the past week- we have been eating, breathing, and hating SNOW!  Here in Oklahoma, we are enjoying our first day above freezing (and without SNOW in a solid week). I know that may not sound like much to those of you up north, but for down here in the South– well let’s just say, we shut down everything if there is any amount of frozen precipitation.

Over the course of this massive blizzard, I have gotten stuck three times; twice I managed to get myself out, but last night was really bad- first off, it was snowing big puffy flakes when I left the house (dumb). Secondly, it was dark when I left the house (really, really dumb). Thirdly I decided to take a back road to Walmart to “avoid traffic” (so dumb it isn’t even worth mentioning). About 45 seconds out of my driveway, I got stuck in snow tall enough to put my Challenger at a complete stand still– 1 jeep, 1 really big truck, and 30 minutes later I was free and hightailing it back to my house repeating all the way home “Stupid, stupid, stupid!”

I didn’t take a lot of pics, but here are just a few from this stint of the winter not-so-wonderland. Hope you’ve been keeping warm!

-Andrew J

First things first, this is a graph of Southerners Enjoyment of Snow Over Time.  We are on day 5…

My dog’s first big snow!A little Hideaway Pizza food porn was worth braving the snow for!

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