So I’m writing this post… FOR Marisa… No, I’m not dedicating it to her- I just feel she has been a busy little bee for far too long and people who are new to the blog are probably wondering just who Marisa even is.

This post shall remedy that 🙂

The following photos were taken from Miss Marisa without her consent and she was given only an incredibly vague warning that this post was even going to be taking place.

I feel this surprise-blog is only fitting punishment for leaving us for so long without word or news of her life ;).

Enough of my ranting- on to the pictures!
-marisa (via Andrew J.)

There she is! I know, I know, you’ve probably almost forgotten what her pretty face looks like!

Her morning commute- waiting for the train. Looks so— — — warm.
Marisa in her Media and Ad Design class with unnamed friend where she no doubt has been spending much of her time away. I’m starting to feel like a tour guide in a museum… “And on our left!”
TAT!  It’s been so long I can’t even remember if this is a new one or not. Sad face. If you can’t read it, it says “Reverie”
Moving on we have our next work by Marisa- “Skewed Boy In Plaid”. Very artistic. Very moody.
And this is where the remainder of Marisa’s life has been spent (without doubt)- taking care of her horses, doing shows, etc.
Horse Barracks– taken on her mobile though I’m not sure what app allows this cool panoramic view.

And what would a Marisa post be without some of her legendary “Food-Porn”. This is a Lavender and Pear martini that- not kidding- made me salivate a little when I saw it. This picture actually is what inspired the “forced post”.


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