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Over the weekend, myself and a posse of three headed south of Norman about an hour to Chickasha, Oklahoma to take in the famous (at least in the region) light display there. It was a long drive, but once there it was TOTALLY worth it! Everywhere you looked- you were completely immersed in Christmas lights. I kept saying “This is where lights who are good go when they die.” The pictures really do not do it justice, but take my word for it- if you are in the area around Christmas– you should definitely go!  Hope your week is going well!

P.S. I was late for my friends pick-up time so I had to rush home (they beat me there), let the dog out, and get in their car… in the meantime I forgot my camera… so this is all on iPhone.

-Andrew J

This tree had to be at least 3 1/2-4 stories tall. It was quite grande! Well just look at the people under to get some perspective.
Yes I was looking quite fashionable in my blanket which happened to be in the back of Tori’s car… because in my rush I, of course, forgot a jacket… yeah.



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So I’ve decided Fashion’s Night Out may as well have been renamed “Fashion’s Amazing Window-Displays” because no punches were pulled when it came to awesome displays of style in the window and store displays around the city. Here are the last pics of that night- definitely one to remember!
-Andrew J

Friends in Fashion, I don’t remember their names though… I think his was Nick… Because I was like “Oh Nick, this is Nicholas.” haha. She had a really cool Russian name though I think.
Suzy Menkes– fashion editor for the International Herald Tribune
Victoria Beckham anyone?
Loved this lady! I asked for a picture and she just instinctively posed like this! She was definitely in her “element”.
The guy on the left (Luke) was really nice and soft spoken. We were talking when the guy on the right (Fais) came up and was like “Do you want our picture? We’re models you know.”… he was annoying and ruined an otherwise good picture of a stylish guy- model or no.
Loving this Thom Browne spacesuit Bergdorf display.
Of course, Rodarte.
Check out this girl’s two-tone tights- AWESOME!
There was a big display of these dolls at Barney’s… never figured out what they were… I said Mary -Kate and Ashley designed them haha.
Gucci baby!
Ended the night at Diesel. This guy was hilarious, Nicholas and I were just kinda walking around the store when he was like “Hey you, get over here and let’s get a picture.” hence the weird expression on my face haha. Note to self: Work out… a lot.


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