Last night I attended the Band of Outsiders show by Scott Sternberg and let me just say- I can now check off “Attend a New York Fashion Week Fashion show.” It was definitely an amazing night and one that I will remember for years to come… Though hopefully it will be far from my last.

The show, like I said, was amazing- Scott’s designs were wonderful, the models selected were perfect and impeccably styled, and the presentation of the show was great.

The men’s line was, as best as I can describe, prep-school-cool. Doubled breasted blazers that remained structured while not appearing stuffy- opting for the untucked look; rolled up trousers; drawstring shorts; a new take on the Henley; and California casual long-sleeved crew shirts with a sideways pocket I loved. A total scene stealer however, was a patchwork suit I was mildly obsessed with.

Though the majority of my interest lingered on the men’s clothing, Boy, Scott’s women’s line was not to be ignored. Some of the outfits fit the brand name aptly and were heavily influenced by masculinity; however, designing on opposite ends of the spectrum, others were everything ethereal and feminine one could ask for in a women’s line.

In any case, enough chit-chat; on to the pictures! Hope your weekend is going extremely well!
-Andrew J

P.S. have to say this specifically this time, all of these images are ©Copyright 2010 Andrew Jones- Me & Marisa  and are not to be used in any way shape or form without explicit written permission by myself. Thanks guys!

Model- Remington Guest
Miles Garber kept giving me funny faces ha. Love this guy though- such an amazing model!
Sergio- another really amazing model. He worked different angles every time I put the camera on him.
Nick got a bit bored ha, but again- love the looks he threw me. I think designers should give models more freedom to move. It makes it more real.



  1. Me & Marisa Says:


  2. I didn’t realize this was a non-runway show – how awesome! You got some SUPER shots, and how fun that you got to interact with the models like that. I LOVE the rolled up shorts/pants on both the guys and girls. Not crazy about the women’s flat platform shoes….not flattering to the feet AT ALL. But, that’s really my only complaint – the line is great, and it has a very “The Talented Mr. Ripley” vibe.

    (And I’m with Marisa…the all white shorts/oxford combo really stuck out to me too!!)

  3. Wow what a cool show!!!

  4. Wow…..great shots…..great fashions….what fun! The military barracks style display of models vs. runway was very creative and provided the perfect backdrop. How amazing that you got into this show and had the chance to just roam around. Gotta love NYC, right?

  5. mens clothing should be comfortable and very fashionable ;

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