Yesterday I had the massive compulsion to do a little last minute shopping before going to New York Fashion Week next week. I was kinda freaked out because I saw my time rapidly slipping away for an impromptu shopping trip as I’m leaving today to go on a camping trip to Natchez, MS with the family to celebrate my mom’s birthday. When I come back, I’ll be home for 2 days (one of which will be spent in Dallas placing an order for a David Yurman ring which I will post pics of), and the other will be me dashing madly around the house packing and attempting work in the meantime! So I figured yesterday was as good as any- headed to Blue Seven in Nichols Hills in search of new black shoes, and came away with 4 shirts and my new shoes :). When I got home, I decided to style some looks for NYFW. It sucks trying to use the same items in different looks to save packing space :/. These pictures are the result! Enjoy the long weekend!
P.S. Looks like Marisa has some posts in the works, yay!
-Andrew J

Where to begin… Items pulled from my closet to work with.
Pants and tanks
T-shirtesque shirt
Button downs and jackets… Okay, let’s begin!

Yes, it’s sideways. Yes I’m too lazy to go back and fix it.

Loooooove this shirt! It photographs SO well! One of the new ones. It’s a burnout too so semi-transparent.
A different version of one of the earlier looks.

In case I find myself in The Village.


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