We’re sort of photo students…

Into the last stretch of classes this quarter which means we are finally beginning our final projects! 🙂

Our photo professor gave the class free range for the next four classes. All we do is check in for attendance and out we go to “take photos”.  Brooke and I rewarded our 4.0 grade averages with a little Cheesecake Factory 🙂

We justified it by taking some shots.

Not alcoholic. Photographic.

However the latter is not a bad idea at all. I had a J.W.’s Pink Lemonade. Delicious.

Tons of posts coming through the pipeline along with some exciting new adventures in store.

I want to publicly congratulate my counterpart on his new accounts for New Media Fluent. Andrew and I will hopefully be collaborating on some upcoming events at the Gaylord National Harbor for their ICE Festival. I highly recommend anyone on the east coast to check that shiz out. Phenomenal Ice “wonderland” of sorts. Its hard to explain, but I will keep you posted as work progresses.



One Response to “We’re sort of photo students…”

  1. I love the old man on the subway with his iPod, hehe.

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