Hello readers! Just a kinda quickie post on some food porn and some shopping pics that I’m finally getting up from Dallas. I wanted to actually put them on and model them like in the olden days, but I just haven’t had the time :(. I couldn’t find my favorite shirt that I bought from Nordstrom which had a big screened heart on it and says “Get in here”. I really like it! I’ll find it eventually (somewhere in my hamper) and snap a pic of it. In the mean time though, enjoy a couple shots from the delicious Saturn Cafe in Edmond and the fashion pics!
-Andrew J

Smoked Salmon and a Mozzarella tomato and basil salad. You have to taste it to believe it!

Love the Kate Moss Shirt

BDG Hoodie- Very beachy, going to love it when the first cold snap of fall hits… Oh well, a guy can dream right?

Armani Exchange shirt- I’m in love with it! Can’t wait to wear it to New York Fashion Week in September!

Finally from Express. I got a white one too that I like even better, but again… lost somewhere in my hamper ugh.



  1. Love the “no rules” one.

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