Earlier this week, Dominique called me and asked if I wanted to have a date at Barnes & Noble seeking out Fall Fashion Magazines. I of course jumped at the chance at an activity that combines two of my favorite activities; wandering around B&N and Fall Fashion. When we arrived (first off, I didn’t realize till now how similarly we were dressed…) we were a little disappointed to find that the really big fashion bibles hadn’t released their September Issue’s yet. So yeah, no Vogue :/.

Dominique settled for some European Vogue’s from August and I began pulling down the likes of; HeroVogue Homme, 10 Plus Men, GQ ItaliaGuy’s Nylon and finally… Details.  We noticed a trend coming up for women is- the swim cap, very reminiscent to the 1920’s. It’s being spruced up a bit for the 21st century by being manufactured out of more interesting materials, adding embellishments such as flowers, and of course, all of them seem to come with a net veil.

It was funny, we sat down, put our glasses in front of us, and didn’t even realize we were exact mirror’s of each other lol.

Swim caps! Swim caps everywhere! And not a drop of water to spare :(. These are from British Vogue.

This spread on Jean Paul Gaultier, also in British Vogue, was amazing! The purple dress and the green dress were my favorites! Definitely not the strange bird thing…

I like Nylon… but unfortunately their looks are always the same “LA Trendster” and “New York Hipster“… in every, single, magazine, issue… This was the only look that seemed “New” and I don’t think it could be more conservative. Props for the rolled jeans, rolled sleeves (a new favorite of mine) and Henley under the blazer though to spruce things up a bit.

I ended up only getting the September issue of Details with Zac Efron out of all of those magazines, because (this is the truly shocking part)… It had better fashion spreads than the European magazines… Sad day Europe, sad day.

On a 100% random note… I saw these “Cake Lollipops” at Quiznos and I couldn’t help but think; GENIUS! People don’t want the whole cake… they feel bad about themselves after. These provide just the right amount of after-meal sweet. Great consumer insight Quiznos!


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