Well it’s the middle of summer and I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in Oklahoma it’s still hotter than hell! If we don’t hit at least 100 degrees, it’s a nice day… like today, 96 is the high and I cannot wait to get outside!  In the spirit of the sweltering weather I decided a little summer wardrobe inspiration was necessary for how to keep cool while looking cool. So put on some linen, get out of the air-conditioning and lets face the heat. After all, come winter, we’re going to wish we had!
Pics from The Sartoralist. Scott is such a genius!
-Andrew J

A little random Jane Aldridge, just becuase I REALLY like this picture. And black is the new pastel this summer 😉

Shots from the Summer 2011 Bottega Veneta line



  1. Great post! All of these looks are FANTASTIC!! I wanted to comment on about 50 of them, haha, but let me just say…

    Guy #1 is hot.
    Guy #2 makes me want to go to Cuba.
    Complaint: What’s with the cigarettes? Definitely NOT hott!!
    Girls at the picnic, girl in white, LOVE the outfit!

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