So this past Friday Adam Lambert was in town and Marion asked me if I wanted to go. It was at the Coke Center here in OKC and general admission so we had to get there at like 4:30 because Marion wanted to be really close to the front. So we got decked out in our glam-rock gear and stood in the heat. It was totally worth it though because were were like 3 rows of people from the stage and she got some AMAZING pictures on her camera. Oh and we met up with (former guest blogger) Gatlin who was dressed to the nines and was totally channeling a little Lady Gaga. He was like a local celebrity though and people kept coming up to us asking for pictures. I don’t think I’ve ever taken so many pictures with strangers in my life- really fun though. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Allison Iraheta opened and was really amazing!

Glambert channeling Jim Morrison
Ring of Fire
The famous Glambert wail!

Backstage after the concert- Me and Allison Iraheta’s guitarist Liz. Check out her band BannerHill they’re awesome!



  1. It is an EXTREMELY rare occurrence that I ever get jealous about anything, but….I must say THIS makes me soooooo jealous. What fabulous pictures and I am certain the concert was amazing!!!

  2. I love your safety pin shirt. 🙂

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