So as you can obviously see I have taken quite a break from blogging. No, no, it’s not you, it’s me. 😉

I moved back to Virginia/DC in December 2009 and transferred to Art Institute of Washington.

This has been my fourth collegiate change. 1) Germanna Community College for 11th&12th grade, University of Mary Washington for Freshman and Sophomore year, University of Dallas for a Junior Semester, and now AIW for, hopefully, the rest of my undergrad.

I’ve been very busy with school. Transferring from a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration to a Bachelors of Art in Advertising has been a very fun, but very demanding task. In conjunction with that entire academic change, I have been commuting for over two hours in order to get to school. Waking at 4, leaving house by 5, getting to school by 730 has been tolling… needless to say by the time I arrive home at 7:30 I am knackered.

Additionally, I have been horse showing about every other weekend. Which has been great for filling up the additional portions of my time.

My boyfriend of approximately 6 years now has the prefix ‘ex’. His doing, not mine. In 2007 I killed our relationship after consuming too many beverages and making an awful decision. We thought we could work through it, but alas the “” card continued to get played every time we were “fighting”. Pathetically, I find that fair. In February I initiated a 4 week break. On day 28 he texted me and said he liked being apart. I’m shattered but it’s whatever. The whole “90 days to break a habit” isn’t working in this situation. Rebounding seems to be the only option, however, when I’m out I end up telling people I’m unavailable. Someone punch me in the face.

Below are some photos of proof that I have been “doing things”. I hope to update a lot more often now as some form of rehabilitation.



2 Responses to “Rehab.”

  1. Is that you changing a tire? haha Welcome back, and I love your horse photos!

  2. My right hand back tyre has a puncture when can you make it over? I’ve just found your blog, great reading.

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