Alas, the trip must end… Spent the last couple days very camera-light in WeHo and Beverly Hills shopping and taking in some great food! Night before we left we went to one of my favorite restaurants (which I discovered last time I was in L.A.), called Bossa Nova. GREAT Brazilian food, yummy food porn pics below for that.
Then day of departure, we got up and went and met Diana and Danielle for lunch at Diana and mine’s old ritual hotspot; Chin Chin in Beverly. After that, we said our goodbye’s to the city and headed back home for a long 21 hour drive. Such a great trip, great memories, and of course- great photos! Enjoy.

Perhaps the prettiest window display I’ve ever seen!
My favorite Starbucks ever… which I’ve still never actually been in.
This guy was someone famous… can’t place where from though…
Love this billboard hahaha.
Look in the back… see the guy upside down… yeah, that was going on all through dinner haha.
Awww Fred Segal, one of the first places that made me love LA
Chinese Chicken Salad!!! Best thing to eat at double Chin
The long road home.


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  1. woooow i love your blog! (L)

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