Fourth of July spent in the Marina del Ray with amazing people, gorgeous sunset, and spectacular fireworks. What more does one need?

We woke up kinda late (like 11 am ) on the 4th and decided to go do brunch at a great restaurant nearby in Venice called The Terrace. Food was soooooo good (as you can see below). Then we came back and decided to hit the beach for a couple hours. It was off and on sun but somehow Tyler managed to get really burnt haha. After a stint at the beach, we went back to Diana’s and grabbed a couple bikes to go tour Venice Beach. I figured it was a must-see for L.A. as I don’t think there is really anything quite like Muscle Beach anywhere else. Got some really great street style pictures there and then we headed back home to celebrate the 4th. The party had already started when we arrived and as the sun was starting to set, we got some amazing pictures. I have more on my iPhone, but this is all for today ha. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

Guess which is mine…
Does this even classify as taking your dog for a “walk”?
Block parties were everywhere in the Marina. And all were plastered with signs reading “Residents ONLY!”
I want this door! It reminds me of an airplane haha.
Horses make sense… In a very crowded area…
I love it when words fail me.
The Venice Beach Police at their best; Serve, protect and text.
Another dog going for a “walk”. Really like this pic though!
Obviously New Yorkers visiting L.A. ha.
My focus of this pic was the M C Hammer wannabe in the red sweatshirt… I completely missed the guy in the hat with the mini-surfboard haha.
Blah, auto-focus wasn’t on.
Oh Sylvia, you are so chic 🙂
And some photos require no retouching, like this one of Adriana in silhouette (beautiful!) and the three sirens with the flag. So patriotic 🙂
Madonna and Child meets Liberty Leading the People?
Hands down my favorite picture! Such a fun picture, so much movement!


6 Responses to “VENICE BEACH & THE 4TH OF JULY”

  1. These are great shots! Loved the commentary.

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  3. You got some HILARIOUS shots! LoL I agree – love the commentary!

  4. diana liz mouette Says:

    Aw.. memoirs from days gone by! Marina Del Rey is a wonderful place, thank you for posting the great photos of all of us and our fun celebration.. No scar from the firework burn? I’m worried.

  5. Is it fine to insert a portion of this on my website if I submit a reference point to this site?

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