Hollywood; Where everybody’s got a dream. What’s your dream?”  That line definitely ran through my head (and often out of my mouth) about a thousand times while sightseeing in the heart of Hollywood.

Since it was Tyler’s first time in L.A., I decided that on my crash course sightseeing tour of all things touristy, we had to do; Hollywood and Highland, The Hollywood Walk of Fame, and of course Grauman’s Chinese Theater.

Keep in mind… this is all still in our first day of arriving in L.A. after our non-stop drive… we did a lot with practically zero sleep haha. Ah, the benefits of being young.

P.S. On a side note; since arriving home from L.A. I have given in to the guilty MTV pleasure of The Hills. I heard it was going off-air and since I have only ever watched 15 minutes of one episode, when I actually lived in Los Angeles (before deciding it was too stupid and I was actually losing brain cells as I watched), I watched the marathon that MTV has been showing of the past few seasons… and I enjoyed it… I know, I know. It’s shameful. I never in my life knew that a show with awkward staring, tons of background music and 12 minutes of dialogue (at best… and yes I timed an episode) could be quite so entertaining. Goodbye Hills, you will be missed I’m sure… Now back to The City 🙂

Enjoy the pictures from Hollywood!

-Andrew J

The famous Kodak Theater where the Oscars are held.
If I’m not mistaken, this is where Ryan Secrest does his radio show from.
Hollywood and Highland Center… if you look closely you can even see the Hollywood Sign in the background.
This was one of those “Right place at the right time” photos… not sure which I like better, so I put them both up. But I’m thinking I like the second one more. What do you think?
The tourist mass that is Hollywood and Highland
I’m guessing where Jimmy Kimmel is filmed… and for all of you “Mason infiltrating Hollywood” theorists… click on the pic and check out the writing on Jimmy’s building.
I KNEW better than to slouch next to Mr. 6’3… gaw I look like a gnome.
A little Hollywood Street Style for you.
Gloria Swanson and Cary Grant‘s handprints at Grauman’s Chinese Theater.
One of my favorite Hollywood landmarks; The Roosevelt Hotel.
I’m… not sure what this guy was trying to accomplish… but if it was a model contract, someone needs to tell him he is about 6 inches and 3 years too late… yeah.
More style.
LADY GAGA going to Starbucks with her posse!!! Okay so not really, but it really looked like her.
Mmmmmmm California Pizza Kitchen pizza. I got the mushroom and bell pepper one below.
Not normally a fan of the man satchel… but this guy is kinda rocking it. He must be European…
I’m very proud of this picture. I think it looks like a postcard!
“Take Shore to Hope and stop on Astaire.” anyone who gets that reference is my new best friend haha. But can’t resist the original entertainer Fred Astaire!
Only in Hollywood would you find a 60 ft Chihuahua on the side of a building.
Pink’s legendary hotdogs. You can barely tell (because I took this while driving) but the line was wrapped around three times! It was intense.
When we arrived at the Marina del Ray it was cloudy again, though the marine layer burned off a little later, it was a nice break from the heat to go exploring.
Two of my favorite houses in the Marina and they probably couldn’t be more different.
So pretty… will pick up here tomorrow.




  2. -Bahahahahahaha! Underwear Man is hysterical! Not sure what he was trying to accomplish…but he DID wind up on a blog! 😉

    -I vote for Photo #1….it looks like the statue is holding the balloons.

    -This post has a lot of great humor…kudos. 🙂

  3. Charlie’s Angels: FT, right?

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