Well it was a very green weekend for me. I spent the majority (like almost all of it) going to and from Lowe’s visiting their garden center because my mom was down and she was determined to help me build a garden in my backyard. Yesterday, we also visited this really awesome architectural house that I’ll post tomorrow, but this weekend recap is all about the flowers… and going to Shawnee yesterday to see my grandpa for Father’s Day ha. Hope you had a good weekend as well!!!
-Andrew J

Got these
And these… they are my favorite!  (Phlox)
Wanted to get these.
And these lily’s
The stone to build my planter
We were gardening by lamplight… classy right? Haha
Isn’t it pretty :)!?

I realy like my Olieander (sp?) as well! Thanks Mom!
Black Betty wanted to vamp for the camera

And this was SOO cool! It was an antique thermostat. Fully equipped with a clock haha.


One Response to “WEEKEND RECAP”

  1. Great pics of our flowers. BTW….it’s oleander….GREAT plant, loves the heat!!!! Good thing, right. And yes…..oh so classy with the halogen lamp on the overturned tub….lol

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