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First off, I’m doing this post while watching the Isner v Mahut Wimbledon match and can I just say… EPIC!  On to the post.
Sunday my Mom was driving to my house from Shawnee when she stumbled on a place she hasn’t been since she was a little girl. She called me and told me to be ready to walk out the door by the time she drove up. I knew from the sound of her voice it was going to be good. So, off we went to do a little local Oklahoma sightseeing! The location was a famous architectural landmark called The Bavinger House and needless to say, it was amazing! It was designed by Bruce Goff and built by two artists, a painter and a sculptor. The house is truly what an artist’s imagination come to life looks like and if you ever get the chance to visit, it will be the best $10 you’ve ever spent! Also, I love that it is maintained by the family. The grandson sells tickets and the son gives the tours. They still live on the property, though not in the house. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J

The house is supported by these cables and is built around a single pole in the center of the house.The grandson
Oh! Also, the grounds surrounding are filled with bamboo which was started from 4 different kinds in 1982 and it just really took off. I felt like I was in Asia it was so dense!
This is where I said they kept bad children haha. It was a door into a rock.
We dubbed this bridge the Bridge to Terabithia. And come to find out is part of what keeps the house standing.These statues in the bamboo forest are called The Carolers

The house is impossible to describe! But when you first enter… the living room is floating above the ground and the majority of the rooms in the house are suspendedin the air. It was incredible!
All constructed from rock mined on the site.
This is a view I want from my house.
The glass rock is placed throughout the house and when the sun comes through, they act like lamps.
Yup, that’s a pond in the middle of the house.
The circular structures are closets
Good place to take pictures. And the dining room table rotates like a Lazy Susan
There is the post the house is built around
She was the sculptor, and he the painter. Both of their work is everywhere in the house.

Gorgeous front door

This was their son/our tour guide.
Ending on possibly my best picture of my mother ever. No editing. It was just perfect. So Zen



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Well it was a very green weekend for me. I spent the majority (like almost all of it) going to and from Lowe’s visiting their garden center because my mom was down and she was determined to help me build a garden in my backyard. Yesterday, we also visited this really awesome architectural house that I’ll post tomorrow, but this weekend recap is all about the flowers… and going to Shawnee yesterday to see my grandpa for Father’s Day ha. Hope you had a good weekend as well!!!
-Andrew J

Got these
And these… they are my favorite!  (Phlox)
Wanted to get these.
And these lily’s
The stone to build my planter
We were gardening by lamplight… classy right? Haha
Isn’t it pretty :)!?

I realy like my Olieander (sp?) as well! Thanks Mom!
Black Betty wanted to vamp for the camera

And this was SOO cool! It was an antique thermostat. Fully equipped with a clock haha.

AIW Portfolio Show Spring 2010

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On Wednesay I attended the Art Institute of Washington’s Spring 2010 Portfolio Show! It is a really cool exhibit at the National Building Museum that allows the graduating students to expose their school work.  The school sends out invites to companies in the DC Area, and prospective employers attend, recruit, and network with the students.  It is a wonderful opportunity that I cannot wait to participate in in a couple of years (Lord willing….).

Amanda Armon is an Interior Design Graduate.  She finished the rigorous curriculum in two years (as opposed to the customary, and already accelerated, three years).  She looked both alert and professional while filling me in that she hasn’t slept in two years.  She says she never goes anywhere without her ruler, and is a perfectionist, so Interior Design seemed like a good fit for her.  She looks forward to being a chair designer while teaching.  Her advice to future grads is to sleep while you can.

Best of luck to you, Amanda, and your future business in Charleston!


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I know, I know, I promisted more posts and here I am going the entire week without one. Well I’ve been a bad photographer and I’ve been leaving my camera at home. So this week in pictures is going to be brought to you by my iPhone. This week I’ve been coaching tennis with 6-8 year olds, going to Tulsa for a day to research real estate purchases, playing put-put, celebrating Father’s Day (Yes I know it’s two weeks early) and eating really yummy turkey burgers. Hope you are having a good week too!!!
-Andrew J

At the Blue Dome Cafe Tulsa

Turkey Burger Blue Moon Cafe

My tennis kids!

Joy with her little pirate knife. We were out of full size ones when I sat the table so I figured she should be special haha.

My hand-drawn Father’s Day card. My dad used to keep all of my drawings for him, so I figured it was time to do a blast from the past 🙂


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Hey guys! Since summer is really getting into full swing (and by that I mean that 90 degrees is now the normal temperature for my days), I felt it only proper to share with you my growing playlist of “Summer Music“… also known as the songs I listen to 50 million times a day… at least. So on to the music!

As of yesterday I have probably played Symphonies by Dan Black maybe 100 times. I love the song, and the music video is really great! Not to mention, Dan has a really cool style. He tends to wear his white blazer jacket in all of his music videos. I like and look forward to discovering more music from this guy. It’s good for fairly chill “Waking up on a summer morning” music.

Next up- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Their songs Around the Bend and Lady Jesus are my two favories from them. They seem… interesting… as a band, but I kinda dig it.

I REALLY love their album cover. It seems like something I would see in my dad’s vinal collection from the ’70s… I have no idea about the name of it though; Fruit. What does it mean?

Around the Bend:
Lady Jesus:

Keeping in line with the semi-space theme, The Orion Experience is another band I’m really loving right now. Their song Cult of Dionysus has become my theme song and Queen of White Lies, and Obsessed With You are also gems on their album… but honestly, their album is one of those that you can play from beginning to end without ever wanting to skip past a song.

(See what I mean? Basically the same color scheme as The Asteroids Galaxy Tour)

Cult of Dionysus:
Queen of White Lies:
Obsessed With You:

Probably the oldest of the music talked about in this post, I still love it and think it is perfect for lounging by the pool or partying at the beach; Passion PitSleepyhead love it!


Perhaps an unlikely summer song- Shiny Toy Guns cover of Major Tom. Love it, mean it, have been listening to it for a couple months now (ever since I first heard it on that car commercial). Still not tired of it!

Major Tom Video:
Major Tom (the full song):

Love this picture, because it’s right when she hits her “note”… when you hear the song you’ll know what I mean 🙂

Finally, it wouldn’t be summer without a little Katy Perry. I mean, come on, who isn’t loving California Gurls? If you’re like me, you probably weren’t crazy about it the first time you heard it, but now you can’t get enough of it. If you haven’t heard the song (living under a rock normally is a good reason) then flip on the radio, or check out the link and prepare to find your summer jam!

California Gurls:


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As promised, here are photos of some of the things I picked up from shopping in Dallas. Also, my friend Nicolas has moved to NYC! I’m very sad about it, but very happy for him. But right before he moved, I got his bookcase… since he was my fashion buddy in crime, I felt it only appropriate to fill it with my fashion magazines :). Enjoy the pics. Hope you’re having a good week!
-Andrew J

From the Spring 10 Zara collection Sean O’pry was the face of.
You know the one…

Excuse the wrinkles… I wore it the day I got it and it spent the rest of the time living in my hamper. But new Burberry polo!
A cool white and blue seersucker jacket I picked up thrifting for a steal!
Also, love this shirt, I dubbed it the Kite Runner.
A brand I’m not familiar with though; Sigur Ros
And a D&G “Rich & Famous” T-shirt (which I’m actually wearing as I’m writing this post… super comfy!)

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