Hey all! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend! I, for some reason, couldn’t seem to pull myself away from work like the entire weekend. But I did manage to make it to Dallas this weekend to do a littttttle shopping. Which if you ask me was MUCH needed. I’m being lazy and haven’t photographed my new stuff yet… but here are some pics from the weekend. Stayed at a nice hotel, and it was just nice to get away, even if just for a day. Hope you had a good one as well!
-Andrew J

Lunch at Central Market. I REALLY miss going to that place like every day.

Happy birthday Tyler!
Then got in a little thrifting at my other lost love, Buffalo Exchange.

I really liked what the girl in the middle was wearing, very Rag & Bone.
Being a dork.

My old home- The Richards Group
Nasty double chin, but I liked the photo. Had to take a little siesta before heading back out for round two; The Galleria

Classy snack- Wine and Goldfish

J’adore Zara!
Nothing better than seeing a really big guy on a motorcycle haha.

…Okay except for Bangkok City. This place is absolutely the best Thai in Dallas.


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