Okay so I know it’s Wednesday, and a weekend recap should naturally happen on a Monday, but this blogger has been a busy bee! This weekend was filled with tennis. Started on Saturday with some national tennis competition of 16 year olds taking place in Norman. I went with my friends Tori and Brian for a few hours and all I can say is wow… tennis can be summed up as the following; “a self depricating sport of constant rhetorical questions.” every time one of these people would mess up they would shout “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” or “MOVE YOUR FEET!!! WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH?”… obviously they did not get the memo on “positive talk” affecting sports performance. Sunday, had another BBQ with the regulars plus Tori and Brian to celebrate the start of the French Open. As I say, there is always a reason for a party… and if not, then that is a reason right there :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a great week!
-Andrew J

Some of the kids who were really good would be like 14 and “play up” a division.
This girl was my favorite.
I’m sure it’s harsh to say, but I wanted to believe that the reason this line ref had the posture he did was because he spent his entire life bending over chalk lines. 🙂
Really? A bunny on a leash?
Where the boy’s were playing.
Tori and Brian
This kid in the red was AWESOME and couldn’t have been older than like 12 or 13.
And THIS kid was insane! He screamed on like every single point he missed… and I mean SCREAMED. In this particular picture he screamed some phrase of jibberish that ended in what sounded like “lesbians” as he made the gun sign… psyyyyychooooooo.
Making shrimp and bacon skewers mmmmmmmm.



  1. LoL, the psycho “lesbian” kid made me laugh out loud!

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