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Hey all! Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day Weekend! I, for some reason, couldn’t seem to pull myself away from work like the entire weekend. But I did manage to make it to Dallas this weekend to do a littttttle shopping. Which if you ask me was MUCH needed. I’m being lazy and haven’t photographed my new stuff yet… but here are some pics from the weekend. Stayed at a nice hotel, and it was just nice to get away, even if just for a day. Hope you had a good one as well!
-Andrew J

Lunch at Central Market. I REALLY miss going to that place like every day.

Happy birthday Tyler!
Then got in a little thrifting at my other lost love, Buffalo Exchange.

I really liked what the girl in the middle was wearing, very Rag & Bone.
Being a dork.

My old home- The Richards Group
Nasty double chin, but I liked the photo. Had to take a little siesta before heading back out for round two; The Galleria

Classy snack- Wine and Goldfish

J’adore Zara!
Nothing better than seeing a really big guy on a motorcycle haha.

…Okay except for Bangkok City. This place is absolutely the best Thai in Dallas.



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Hey guys, just a quickie and totally random post. But as I’ve come off of my bloggers break, I’ve been catching up with some of my favorite blogs. And while I have, I’ve stumbled across some new favorite inspirations that I wanted to share with you. Off to Dallas today to do a little shopping. Hope you have a great weekend!
-Andrew J

Wearing something really quite similar today and I didn’t even realize.
Yes it’s a girl… but Jane Aldridge’s style influences transcend gender in my opinion. Here she shows the perfect way to encorporate black (a non-traditional summer color) into the warmer months. A big trend this year.
I want a short’s suit right now.
Who said head to toe denim doesn’t look good?
Again, Jane here, showing the proper way to have volume to an outfit without making it look like she’s ready for winter.


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Okay so I know it’s Wednesday, and a weekend recap should naturally happen on a Monday, but this blogger has been a busy bee! This weekend was filled with tennis. Started on Saturday with some national tennis competition of 16 year olds taking place in Norman. I went with my friends Tori and Brian for a few hours and all I can say is wow… tennis can be summed up as the following; “a self depricating sport of constant rhetorical questions.” every time one of these people would mess up they would shout “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?” or “MOVE YOUR FEET!!! WHY DO YOU SUCK SO MUCH?”… obviously they did not get the memo on “positive talk” affecting sports performance. Sunday, had another BBQ with the regulars plus Tori and Brian to celebrate the start of the French Open. As I say, there is always a reason for a party… and if not, then that is a reason right there :). Hope you had a wonderful weekend and are having a great week!
-Andrew J

Some of the kids who were really good would be like 14 and “play up” a division.
This girl was my favorite.
I’m sure it’s harsh to say, but I wanted to believe that the reason this line ref had the posture he did was because he spent his entire life bending over chalk lines. 🙂
Really? A bunny on a leash?
Where the boy’s were playing.
Tori and Brian
This kid in the red was AWESOME and couldn’t have been older than like 12 or 13.
And THIS kid was insane! He screamed on like every single point he missed… and I mean SCREAMED. In this particular picture he screamed some phrase of jibberish that ended in what sounded like “lesbians” as he made the gun sign… psyyyyychooooooo.
Making shrimp and bacon skewers mmmmmmmm.


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Hey guys! Okay so in the midst of working on the (late) weekend recap post… and watching Glee (don’t judge me). I got equally distracted by Facebook and stumbled onto some pictures that one of my friends, Jennifer Hoppa took recently and they are so amazing I had to share! She has an amazing eye, and the way she edits them left me having a bit of a visual orgasm. So hopefully you enjoy them as much as I did. I will have the (now two day) late weekend recap up tomorrow!
-Andrew J

 P.S. Jenn, if you made some of these into prints, I would totally buy an entire wall full of them! Think it over…

Cosmic Cafe in Dallas! Miss Marisa introduced me to this place first.
This one is my favorite!
My seester
Isn’t she pretty?


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While on sabbatical from blogging, Mother’s Day took place. So I made my usual trek up to Claremore and enjoyed it with my family. When I got to Claremore I was AMAZED… there has GOT to be something in the water up there because everywhere I looked in the town, absolutely every single rose bush was exploding with buds! It was the most beautiful I think I’ve ever seen the town look. So of course, I got snap happy with my camera using my mother’s roses as my subject. Even as I type this, I can smell roses from somewhere outside through my window. Enjoy the pics, hope you’re having a good week!
-Andrew J

Didn’t I do a good job having someone… I mean… wrapping my mom’s present :)?
Atttttractive Joy…

But she had a cool ring so I’ll forgive it ha.
My mother felt moved by a song and grabbed the puppies and began dancing and spinning around the family room… People wouldn’t believe what goes on in our house if it weren’t true.
As a tradition, we each always give her a rose bush on Mother’s Day. She is smelling the one I gave to her.


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A very happy birthday to both my dad and my sister! They celebrated their 59th and 25th birthday’s over the past couple days on the 16th and 17th. We celebrated as a family over the weekend by meeting up at my sister’s house in Tulsa for a lunch time cookout and celebration. We grilled steaks and mushrooms and it was an absolute feast! Also, it gave me a chance to check out some recent decorating my sister had done to her house, and I have to say… I’m really quite impressed. It looked wonderful! I really should let the pictures do the talking, but hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!
-Andrew J

I’d say she was a good girl.
It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a rat! NOOOOO it’s GIDGET!!!
I mean, come on. Tell me you don’t want to sit on her porch and have a glass of tea!
My mamma looking cute as ever and oh so stylish in her new top.
Yummmmm… it tasted even better than it looked!
The dog of my sister’s boyfriend… Duke. Or as I call him… Dukus. He’s large and in-charge!
Cake number one, German Chocolate for my dad.
And the second cake for mi hermana. Let it not be said that the Jones’s don’t do it up right!
I believe in a man’s right to choose. But when it comes to vanilla or German chocolate… I refuse to live in an “either/or” world!
Someone had a little too much cake…
She got this cute green rain jacket and floral dress and I had the idea to pair the two together. So I raided her closet, grabbed a gold coin necklace and some bomb shoes and styled her a little outfit there on the spot. She liked.
Props to her man for finding her a really unique gift. He found a local jewelry designer who makes her jewelry out of antique rosary’s. This one came from England and Czechslovakia (… yes before it was the Czech Republic)
The last gift was one my mother purchased right under her nose in Mexico and hid from her up until now. It’s from a wonderful jewelry designer in Puerto Vallarta named Cassandra Shaw.

I love Oklahoma in the spring because there are TONS of storms (I’m sure, if you’ve been watching the news, no matter what part of the country you are in you’ve heard about our recent tornado’s), but another perk of the storms… amazing sunsets!


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Arthur Sales my model man crush of the moment… And actually, has been for a while as this was a post that I was originally going to do for Mister Homme a while back. But really, who couldn’t love this guy? He’s a great model, has a masculine beauty that is almost scary, he can rock a headscarf and still look like a total bad ass, and has one of those bodies that could only come from Brazil (there really has to be something in the water down there… because they all make me want to stop consuming carbs forever). He’s the face of Butch’s Spring campaign and I recently picked up the L’Officiel Hommes No. 19 which boasted Arthur as the cover boy and housed the photospreads below. I have a feeling we’re about to see a lot more of this guy. Starting off with my two favorite editorials from the magazine that first made me like him; Easy Rider and Brown Sugar. Then wrapping up with some random shots. Enjoy!

P.S. I’m ending my sabatical of blog posts. Sorry for the break, I needed it ha. Have a great weekend everyone!

-Andrew J

Easy Rider

Brown Sugar

Love this picture.

Random Shots (I prefer him with long hair):

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