A couple days ago, I just had the random notion to start driving and take a little impromptu road trip. So without any destination really in mind, I hopped in my car and started heading south and then swung east. I went through a few towns that I had never been to and I was amazed by how close they were to where I live and yet how different they were… like… okay a little country, but in a quaint way. I went through Noble, Corbett and ended up finding this old ghost town (not super huge, but still pretty cool) called Trousdale after driving on a dirt road for a few miles… I didn’t even know there were still legitimate dirt roads that weren’t private drives. Anywho, luckily I brought along my camera to take some pictures. Keep in mind, most were taken from the car while driving so be kind ha. Hope you are having a great week!
-Andrew J

This was the dirt road I had to go down for like 2 1/2 miles… at 15 mph…
This was weird, all of the trees were down facing the exact same way along the road side, on both sides.



  1. You got some great shots, I love going on mini adventures x

  2. How fun! I still want us to drive through the Deep South sometime, doing exactly what you just did and learning people’s stories. 🙂

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