Elements of Design

Just another 14 hour day in DC.

Fashion toast

Fashion Toast

DC Cherry Blossoms

v.beck gorgeous as ever.

jessica alba looking stunning. love that dress.

jessica simpson looking large. but I love the dress. jessica alba would look stunning in it.

words cannot explain how f-ing gross this is. oh heidi. and you used to be so pretty. now you have 48 year old men fantasizing about your silicone ass. not even your REAL one. come on.

Fashion Toast

Fashion Toast

adore this top.

ps. rumi and i have the same soul. we live the same lives. that is. if I was 5’tall”, stunning, and had a gorgeous photographer boyfriend. Other than that, we’re identical 😉 She is my soulstylesister.

❤ marisa


One Response to “Elements of Design”

  1. Some great pieces! Love the Fashion Toast lace-up dress!

    Victoria = I don’t think you could improve upon that outfit! Sexy!!
    Jessica = Ew
    Heidi = I think you can see her…bush… :-/

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