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This past Friday I had my very first cookout ever! And it was SO much fun! Had a good turn out and everyone I invited (who didn’t have work managed to make it). We kicked things off about 6 and ate, socialized and played fooseball and Guitar Hero until night fall. Once it got dark (for those of you who follow the blog regularly), we went back to Crybaby Bridge and the Witch House area. Didn’t take my camera, so I don’t have any shots of the place, but we finally made it all the way to the bridge without getting scared and turning back. What’s even better, we made it there 5 minutes till midnight. It was definitely creepy, and somehow the walk/jog back to the car is always faster than the walk out there. After that everyone kinda went their seperate ways and I ended up watching The Little Shop of Horrors and Black Snake Moan, neither of which I had ever seen, till 6 in the morning ha.

I slept so late in the day on Saturday it seemed like it never even happend haha, but I did get a haircut :).

Sunday, went and played Laser Quest with my friends and then just had a low key evening with Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then turned in extremely early because I was still wiped from the weekend. All in all, a really great time. Hope you guys had a good one as well :)!

-Andrew J

I lit the fire… he cooked everything ha.We were twinkies in our matching black shirts and green shorts.
And there’s the hair. I’m trying to pull a Garrett Neff ha.

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