It was a very fun weekend filled with fun, family and food… lots and lots of food! I went up to Claremore on Friday, a day earlier than I had expected to because some plans fell through for Friday night, and my parents and I went and saw The Bounty Hunter… All I will say is it was cute, and that’s being generous ha.
Saturday was a big day, I went in search of my new car (a Dodge Challenger), that I had already decided would be named “Black Betty”. Went to a couple car places, and test drove a cherry red one (which I almost went with and is pictured below), but I ended up deciding on 2010 black one that has to be trucked in from Kansas. After all, Black Betty wouldn’t make sense on a red car, yeah? It was supposed to be here today but good things come to those who (are forced to) wait and I will be able to take it home to Norman by end of the business day tomorrow.
Easter Sunday was great! Though, I went to bed feeling more than a bit large despite who knows how many crunches before bed. My Aunt Jackie, Lenore, Uncle Bill, my sister’s boyfriend and my Papaw all came to Easter dinner at my parents house and it was just a really great time full of loud conversations and embarrassing stories haha. I’ll stop talking now and let the pictures do the rest. Hope you had a really great one with your loved ones and family!
-Andrew J

Signing my car forms!
Jake Melton, his family name is on the building and I bought my car from him. Highschool peers doing business ha.
Isn’t she cute :)?
Copper putting on her Sunday vamp
I had to keep it “traditional” for Easter
Mr. Man and my mom. AKA my sister’s beau.
Gidget in her Sunday dress
I thought my sister looked like Suzie Home-maker
You know you want me…
I’m most proud of my “chick” egg and my Japanese flag egg.

Exhausted at the end of the day. Tell me that isn’t adorable.



  1. What’s the puppy is

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