Equestrian Fashion Meets Equestrian Practicality

This past weekend I was at a Three Day Event down in gorgeous Southern Pines, North Carolina.  My good friend Kate was competing her horse, so I went down to support and gasp at the crazy things these event riders do.  I rider hunter/jumpers, so we have a HUGE recipriocal fashion relationship with the runways.  If blue is a “hot” color according to a designer, the underside of our hunt coats or show shirts begin to incorporate that “it” blue color.  Very cool… yet more expensive to keep up with than regular fashion (average hunt coat cost is $250, and knowing me and my obsession with jackets, you guys can ONLY imagine).  Additionally, this “breeches” trend makes me laugh out loud.  Designers have been trying to get the pants with the knee patches to catch on, some doing well, others I just wanna be like, no, please, just stop.  Although I was at an event, so fashion is not the foremost importance, it is still cool to see how gorgeous the sport is and how much fashion really copies the “classical sophistication” of equestrianism.



3 Responses to “Equestrian Fashion Meets Equestrian Practicality”

  1. Cool post! 🙂

  2. I like thailand and I think thailand’s fashion is beautiful

  3. I am a dressage/eventing trainer and caught your post tag surfing! I love it!!! Pictures are great and the concept is clever! I’ll check out the rest of your blog! Brilliant post!

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